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6 Historical Fiction Books For Back To School Season

Embrace the school season with these historical fiction books that are far more exciting than your textbooks.

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1. Going Home by James D. Shipman

In the 1860’s the nation was divided and Joseph Forsyth was fighting his own battle. Going Home explores an uncertain romance and future that causes Joseph to question his choices. His journey to the New World, the relationships he forges, and ultimate discovery of where he belongs is relatable at any time in history.

2. Malice at the Palace by Rhys Bowen


Lady Georgianna Rannoch is thirty-fifth in line for the British throne. She has been given a new task from the Queen. Lady Georgianna is to show the bride-to-be the English ways, beauty of London, and put the rumors of her future husband to rest. Having multiple affairs with men and women, the groom is… complicated to put it simply. Lady Georgianna not only faces the haunted past of her fellow royals, but also searches the Kensington Palace for ghosts where she finds a dead ex-mistress.

3. The Year of Necessary Lies by Kris Radish

After infamous activist Julia Briton’s great-granddaughter discovers tape recordings of her famous ancestor, unexpected secrets are exposed. Forbidden love, bold decisions, and radical change create the legacy of Julia in the turn of the 20th century. What will her great-granddaughter think of the lies and what will she do? Julia’s life becomes deeply affected by her choices, as do generations to come, in The Year of Necessary Lies.

4. The Marriage of Opposites by Alice Hoffman


Rachel is a young Jewish woman dreaming of living in France and not interested in following traditions. To save her father’s business, Rachel agrees to marry a widower with three children. The sudden death of her husband leads to a personal revelation to lead her own life. In The Marriage of Opposites, love affairs and scandals impact the family. The whirring effect of these worlds colliding impacts a son who will soon develop into a known artist of France.

5. The Einstein Prophecy by Robert Masello


It is 1944 and a young army lieutenant recovers an ossuary from an Egyptian tomb. Lucas studies the object working at Princeton University to decrypt the mystery of the ossuary. With the crossing paths of another professor, Albert Einstein, they attempt to solve the unknown before the world is destroyed. In The Einstein Prophecy, readers will embark on a suspenseful thriller mixing supernatural powers and science.

6. The Book of Speculation by Erika Swyler


Simon’s mother drowned holding her breath as a circus mermaid, his youngest sister ran away to read cards for a traveling carnival, and now he is a lonely librarian. A mysterious logbook is placed on Simon’s doorstep reporting moments of magic and deaths of a traveling carnival in the 1700’s. Simon notices there has been a generational trend of circus mermaids who have drowned on July 24. It is now a couple of weeks away from this deathly anniversary and his sister could be next.

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