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5 Books To Inspire Your Spring Renewal

Spring means blooming flowers, lots of allergies, and the opportunity to start over. If your New Year’s resolutions didn’t go quite as planned, don’t despair! There is still plenty of time to take charge and amp up your life with a little Spring Renewal. If you want to make a change but aren’t sure how, use these books for inspiration. We promise they’re cheaper than a life coach.

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1. The Full Catastrophe: A Memoir by Karen Elizabeth Lee

In 1998, Karen finally tells her abusive husband of fourteen years, Duncan, that she wants a divorce. But ten months later Duncan is diagnosed with cancer, and before Karen knows it, he’s gone. Without Duncan’s bullying to keep her distracted, Karen realizes that she has her own demons to face, which she does with the help of dream analysis and Jungian psychology. It will have you wanting to start your own dream journal as you follow Ms. Lee on her journey!

2. Dear Fang, With Love by Rufi Thorpe

After his daughter Vera suffers a terrifying psychotic break, Lucas takes her to Lithuania, his grandmother’s homeland, in the hopes of relieving Vera of her sorrows and anxieties. Throughout that summer Vera searches for answers to questions that she has held onto for far too long, and that she hopes will bring her peace concerning her family, her mental illness, and herself.

3. Good On Paper by Rachel Cantor

Shira Green’s life hasn’t gone quite the way that she’d hoped. She’s a mom living with her daughter and gay friend Ahmed, her PhD has been rendered virtually useless, and her job as a translator isn’t exactly lucrative. But then she gets a call from a Nobel Prize winning Italian poet who insists that she is the only one who can translate his piece, and Shira realizes that her whole life could change. If only the piece wasn’t so god damn impossible….

4. Smarter Better Faster: The Secrets of Being Successful in Life and Business by Charles Duhigg

This is for readers that are ready to gear up and get that promotion! Duhigg’s highly anticipated new book draws on the latest findings in neuroscience, psychology, behavioral economics, and the experiences of uber successful people to understand how on earth they get so much done. You’ll be feeling that spring renewal and killin’ those to-do lists in no time!

5. The Assistants by Camille Perry

Tina Fontana is the executive assistant to powerful CEO Robert Brando, and she’s great at her job. But at thirty years old, Tina is pretty over making reservations and pouring Robert’s drinks for him. When a technical error in an expense report presents her with the opportunity to pay off her student debt, Tina sees an opportunity to take back her life. This novel is like a funny, unabashed how-to guide on what to do (and maybe also what not to do) when you feel stuck in a rut at your job.

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