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    10 Warm And Witty Reads For Women

    Snuggle up in a cozy blanket and indulge in a chick-lit read full of endearment, discovery, and friendship by ten wonderful female authors.

    1. Life and Other Near-Death Experiences by Camille Pagán


    After being diagnosed with a life threatening illness and an unexpected flip by her husband, Libby Miller decides to pack up her bags and leave behind what is familiar to her for a new start in the Caribbean. She quickly learns that running away is not as easy as she thought. With a budding romance and the presence of her twin brother, Libby is going to live life to the fullest for a change.

    2. A Chance of a Lifetime by A Chance of a Lifetime


    Tallgrass, Oklahoma holds beautiful memories for Benita. Where she was raised, where she met her husband, and where Calvin is returning home. After her husband died combat fighting in the same war, Calvin was eager to return home to console Benita. He doesn’t love Tallgrass, but he loves her and could never have her. Embarrassed by their past, both will have to put aside their history for a chance at love.

    3. Fishing with RayAnne by Ava Finch


    An ex pro-fisher, RayAnne ironically joins the first all-women talk show on fishing. With the show’s unexpected success, producers want to feature celebrities, but fans are supporting RayAnne and her interviews with relatable women. Then a handsome sponsor is quickly off limits after he makes a pass at her. With only one stable person in her life for advice, RayAnne is going to have to follow the rules or follow her heart.

    4. Girls Who Travel by Nicole Trilivas


    After backpacking on her own for a year, returning back to rush hour and the daily grind hasn’t been an easy transition. When Kika Shores is offered a nanny job in London, she is ready to drop everything and travel more. Unsure of what she wants, Kika slowly learns adventure awaits if you stay put and enjoy what is not expected.

    5. Put A Ring On It by Beth Kendrick


    Brighton Smith is ready for life to go as planned, but her soon-to-be husband decided to marry another woman on a whim and she cracks. In return, she decides to do just as he does and ends up in a drive through chapel saying her vows by the next morning. Brighton is ready for a change of pace, but will she trust in her impulse or give-up?

    6. The Seafront Tearoom by Vanessa Greene


    Charlie, Kat, and Séraphine enjoy their teatime and want the best for their favorite small-town tearoom. Charlie wants to boost the business, Kat wants to avoid tourists, and Séraphine is going to step in to help. They travel the countryside seeking other hidden tearooms exposing secrets, accepting disappointments, and embracing their desires.

    7. Whistling Women by Kelly Romo


    In a 1935 world fair setting, Addie is going to return back to San Diego where she once escaped from. Addie is living a life of a nudist in Sleepy Valley hiding from the crime she committed. Rumor, her niece, finds out her disappearing aunt will be in town and encourages the family to reunite. However, Addie is terrified to see her sister forcing an acknowledgement of family secrets.

    8. Last One Home by Debbie Macomber


    Cassie and her sisters, Karen and Nicole, grew apart after Cassie dropped everything to runaway with a man following high school graduation. Fast-forward ten years and Cassie has a daughter and the marriage has ended. Karen and Nicole are both moms wrapped up in housewife activities ready to reconcile. The women will show the power of compassion and create a new beginning for Cassie.

    9. House Trained by Jackie Bouchard


    Alex has a strategic life. She chose not to have children, runs a business, and has an orderly personal life. When her husband’s unknown teenage daughter shows up, everything is suddenly in disarray. Trying to save her business, worrying that her husband’s ex-wife can pop in any minute, and not having time to herself, is Alex going to have to learn through her labradoodle, Marie, what it truly means to be loving and accepting.

    10. It's In HIs Touch by Shelly Alexander


    Angelique is a strong woman who can handle whatever is thrown at her—recovering from illness, crossing things off her bucket list, and wrestling an alligator are just a few examples. However, she is ready to run when she discovers her fiancé is sneaking around with his assistant. When Angelique’s law firm sends her to Red River to work on a case she is suddenly taken by the sexy man next door. She now has to win the case and solve her own mystery, love.

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