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    10 Warm And Witty Reads For Women

    Snuggle up in a cozy blanket and indulge in a chick-lit read full of endearment, discovery, and friendship by ten wonderful female authors.

    1. Life and Other Near-Death Experiences by Camille Pagán

    2. A Chance of a Lifetime by A Chance of a Lifetime

    3. Fishing with RayAnne by Ava Finch

    4. Girls Who Travel by Nicole Trilivas

    5. Put A Ring On It by Beth Kendrick

    6. The Seafront Tearoom by Vanessa Greene

    7. Whistling Women by Kelly Romo

    8. Last One Home by Debbie Macomber

    9. House Trained by Jackie Bouchard

    10. It's In HIs Touch by Shelly Alexander