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    10 End Of Summer Reads To Fit In Before Fall

    There is still time hang out by the pool and tackle your summer reading list. Take advantage of the kids going back to school and enjoy some “you time” with these 10 late-summer books!

    1. Crooked Little Lies by Barbara Taylor Sissel

    Join Lauren Wilder on a seemingly normal interstate drive that will lead to an unexpected adventure. After almost hitting someone she knows in the small Texas town, she watches him get into a strange car. The man is now missing and others are beginning to question if Lauren is responsible. Lauren doesn’t trust herself or the people around her, which leads to her own investigation, drug use, and repercussions that will keep you flipping the pages to solve the case.

    2. Best Boy by Eli Gottlieb


    Best Boy is the story of Todd Aaron, a boy sent to a community for autism at age eleven. Todd is now a 50-year-old, cheerful patient of the Payton Living Center. He meets Martine, who urges him to embrace himself and go off his medication. Todd attempts to escape back home and the journey back is funny, beautiful, and deeply affectionate.

    3. Star Craving Mad by Elise Miller

    Star Craving Mad follows Maddy Braverman, a single, 30-year-old, first grade teacher at an exclusive private school in Manhattan. She's tired of her monotonous work life until she meets the new student on her roster, Lola. Lola is the daughter of A-list celebrity parents Nic and Shelby Seabolt who seem to represent real-life celebrity couple, Brad and Angelina. When Maddy meets Nic, she is starstruck and soon they begin having a steamy and wild affair. Chaos ensues, naturally, and Maddy learns some important lessons along the way about our obsession with celebrity culture.

    4. A Window Opens by Elisabeth Egan


    Alice has a well-rounded life between family and work until her husband decides to change careers. Realizing she needs to step-up and help, Alice starts her new job and then everything changes. Alice’s dad is sick, her marriage is fluctuating, the children are growing up, and there is an unexpected turn at work. This novel is recommended for those moms who need that extra “me time” and a realization that their lives are not as bad as they may seem.

    5. Alert by James Patterson


    After two high profile attacks, the city of New York is on high alert. Detective Bennett is now assigned to find the terror group responsible. The risk, unmanageable tasks, and chaos are making the mission impossible, until an assassination becomes a monumental clue to beat the clock and save the city before another destructive attack.

    6. Who Do You Love by Jennifer Weiner


    Eight-year-old Rachel and Andy met in an emergency room late one night. They crossed paths and believed they would never see each other again. Three decades pass of different lifestyles, college years, marriages, and divorces. Rachel and Andy are drawn back to each other multiple times through chance and now question if they have been on the same path all along. Who Do You Love will leave readers questioning their belief in fate and soul mates in a joyous journey of love.

    7. Last Bus to Wisdom by Ivan Doig


    Last Bus to Wisdom embraces the story of an 11-year-old orphan in the 1950’s. Donal Cameron has been living with his grandmother who is struck by disease. Grandma decided to move Donal to Montana with his unkind aunt. She was immediately irritated by Donal and gave him to authorities. Donal is on a bus back when he realizes he is not traveling alone, but with his aunt’s husband, Herman. Herman is now the future for Donal and his only support system.

    8. The Night Sister by Jennifer McMahon


    Two friends, Amy and Piper, and Piper’s younger sister, Margot, used to play games in the uneasy Tower Motel as children. One day, they found a dark suitcase that ruined their relationship for years to come. Piper and Margot are now adults when Piper receives a panicked call from Margot. Amy stands accused of a horrific crime and they are forced to relive what lies within the suitcase. Piper and Margot begin investigating, discovering a web of sisters who once lived at the hotel over 60 years ago.

    9. The Dog Master by W. Bruce Cameron


    The Dog Master is tale of survival between a bond with a wolf and man. A tribe thirty thousand years ago was living during a worldwide ice storm. Mankind is competing against bitter weather, but they have new tool—domesticated wolves. The wolves are turned into hunting companions, guardians, fighters, and friends. Readers journey through extraordinary circumstances that change mankind forever.

    10. Brown-Eyed Girl by Lisa Kleypas


    Avery Crosslin is becoming a well-known wedding planner in Houston, but doesn’t believe in love for herself. She meets Joe Travis and tries to avoid him after an unplanned one-night stand, but Joe gets what he wants. She is responsible for the wedding of the year when she has to face her insecurities and reaches a breaking point. Avery must confront the toughest choice in her life by risking her career and heart.