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10 Action Packed Books For Spring

Mystery, check. Suspense, check. Thrills, check. These action packed books have it all! If you are looking for an exciting, page turner that will leave you guessing until the very last page, take a look at the list below!

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Storm Fall by Tracy Banghart

Aris Haan sacrificed everything to join the military, but it was all in vain. When the military found out that she was a woman, they sent her home, despite her war hero status. Now Aris is given the chance to comeback and fight as herself. But things are not easy for a female soldier. The men in her unit undermine Aris at every turn, and to make things worse, she is falling for her superior officer, which is strictly forbidden. In the captivating sequel to Rebel Wing, Aris is pushed to her limits in a journey that not everyone will come out of alive.

Gathering Prey by John Sandford

Lucas Davenport has no idea what he is getting himself in to when he agrees to accompany his adopted daughter, Letty, to North Dakota. Letty says her friend is worried someone is coming to kill her, especially after her male companion disappears. Lucas believes his daughter is being played, until he hears the woman’s story for himself. The ensuing action will change Lucas’s life forever.

Deviation by Heather Hildenbrand

Eighteen-year-old Ven has never set foot outside the windowless warehouse where was was created until a month ago. Ven spent her days confined in a lab studying videos of her Authentic, Raven Rogen. An Imitation of Raven, Ven was prepared to step into Raven’s life at a moment’s notice if there was danger. Now, Ven is living Raven’s life. Ven is kissing Raven’s boyfriend, living in Raven’s penthouse, obeying Raven’s father. But Ven has a secret plan; she doesn’t want to have Raven’s life, she want her own life.

The Sound of Glass by Karen White

Merritt Heyward is shocked to discover that she has inherited her deceased husband's family home in South Carolina. Trapped in an uncertain life, Merritt makes the move from Maine down south. There, she slowly begins to discover the secrets of her husbands past, as well as come to terms with her own fears.

Rumors by A.C. Arthur

Landy, Tenile, Nicole, Nathan, Justin and Kareem were the best of the best at Tanner University, destined for greatness. Everything changes a couple of weeks before graduation when Landy is murdered and Nathan is blamed. Though he freed without charges, Nathan is forced to leave town. A decade later, Nathan is back and eager to clear his name. But someone does not like Nathan asking questions about Laney’s murder, and they are willing to kill to keep the past in the past.

The Forgotten Room by Lincoln Child

Jeremy Logan investigates the unexplainable. In his latest case, Logan is called to Newport, Rhode Island to investigate a suicide case with the most unusual of circumstances. As his investigation draws on, Logan discovers a secret room full of secrets that everyone thought were destroyed long ago.

The Daylight Marriage by Heidi Pitlor

Everyone was shocked when Hannah, a naturally impulsive and beautiful woman, decided to marry the introverted scientist, Lovell. What started off as a fantastic marriage slowly turns to resentment as the year’s progress. Then after one particularly bad argument, Hannah disappears. The Daylight Marriage is a page-turner that follows Lovell as he remembers the progression of his dismal marriage in an attempt to find his missing wife.

Where They Found Her by Kimberly McCreight

Ridgedale, New Jersey is an idyllic suburban town that is forever changed after a newborn baby’s body is found in the woods surrounding the university. Molly Sanderson is called in to report on the story for the local paper. As someone who has lost a child herself, Molly is hesitant to take the story, but the disturbing history she uncovers is not her own. Molly discovers that there are a lot of dark secrets hidden behind the fences of some of the most pristine houses in the quaint Jersey town.

A Long Time Gone by Karen White

Vivien Walker never thought she’d return to her Mississippi home, but after her marriage falls apart, Vivien finds herself returning. Vivien’s escape is peace is disrupted when a storm reveals the remains of a woman who died many years ago. Vivien soon discovers that the only way she can rediscover herself is to uncover the secrets of her family’s past.

The Girl With All the Gifts by M.R. Carey

10-year-old Melanie is a gifted girl, as least that’s what the doctors tell her. Like clockwork each day, Melanie is escorted from her cell to class. Strapped into a wheelchair and held at gunpoint, Melanie knows there is something wrong with her. The question is, what? The Girl With All the Gifts is a thrilling read that will keep you enthralled from beginning to end.

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