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    Louis C.K.'s "SNL" Monologue Sparks Outrage On Social Media

    The comedian delivered a mini-standup set about racism, conflict in the Middle East, and child molestation. You know, just your standard Saturday night fare.

    Louis C.K. served as host of Saturday Night Live's 40th season finale on Saturday.

    The comedian used his opening monologue to deliver over eight minutes of stand-up on several sensitive topics, including racism…

    And the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

    But the jokes that sparked the most criticism, both among the audience and viewers at home, were ones where he considers the mentality of a child molester.

    Even when the audience voiced its discomfort with the topic, C.K. pressed on.

    But, as the set came to a close, Louis seemed to sense he may have gone too far.

    And it seems that many viewers disapproved, taking to social media to voice their objections to his jokes.

    #LouisCK How in the hell did you think that bit on child molestation and "the taste" of young boys was funny? Shocked. #SNL

    Just now seeing that Child molestation joke on #SNL ......... when did this become okay?

    That was the unfunniest, most offensive #SNL monologue I've ever seen. Racism and child molestation? Really, Louis. #SNL40Finale

    Is Louis CK still going to host this show after that opening? Child molestation is NEVER funny. #snl

    I don't know if I should be disgusted with or sad for #LouisCK, jokes about child molestation is bad form. #SNL

    I always considered #LouieCK a hilarious comedian & admired his honesty. But I will never laugh at a joke about child molestation. #SNL

    Um… Louis C.K.’s monologue on #SNL ….make him stop.

    Other viewers thought the monologue was emblematic of the entire episode -- or even SNL's whole season.

    Louis CK who has been so #SNL monologue reliable. Is totally failing tonight. Which is summarizing this bad season.

    Tonight's #SNL: Mild racism, child molestation, spanking elves and cheating on your wife. What's missing? Actual humor.

    Watch the monologue in its entirety here and let us know what you thought.

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