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    27 Target Home Accessories Under $40 To Bring Your Space To Life

    They're giving HGTV vibes on a budget, and we love to see it.

    1. A pineapple-shaped rattan wall mirror because beach house feels are always in season. And, tbh, so are selfies. Snap a few in this face-framing looking glass, and you'll be saying, "Who is that girl I see, staring straight back at me? One who ~tropi-can~ definitely slay the day."

    the mirror on the wall

    2. A set of Hogwarts bookends that glow in the dark and have weighted bottoms to keep your book collection, Harry Potter and otherwise, from falling down.

    3. A rainbow tassel pillow that's perfect for showing your Pride all year long because spectrums of light and love should never be relegated to just one month.

    the pillow on a bed

    4. A Turkish-inspired "evil eye" wall hanging to potentially help ward off negativity and bring on good luck, which, let's be honest, we all need these days.

    the evil eye pendant hanging on a wall

    5. A jungle-themed peel-and-stick wallpaper to perk up plain rooms with a touch of wilderness. It's like taking a trek through a lush, rainforest landscape without spending hella coins to fly across the world. Win-win.

    the wallpaper in a bedroom

    6. An oversized butterfly-shaped wall art piece that'll instantly transform a boring white wall in any space — no chrysalis necessary.

    Multicolored, woven wall art hanging on white, textured background

    7. A mint green, flower-shaped frame that'll give you a reason to actually print all those Instagram photo dump pics.

    the frame on a table top

    8. A tufted doormat shaped like a kiwi because absolutely nothing in your home is ho-hum, and that also goes for where you wipe your feet before coming inside. The only thing guests will be tracking? How many times they're amused by this latest addition.

    Welcome mat placed outside a glass door

    9. A cactus-shaped salt lamp because adulting is hard and anything that might add a moment of zen to your space is a must-have.

    Glowing salt lamp set on round surface in room near decorative stack of books

    10. A metal star sculpture that's sure to be the center of attention of your tabletop *and* your conversation.

    the star-shaped gold metal sculpture on a table

    11. A succulent-shaped tabletop torch to add a little fire — literally and figuratively — to your backyard patio. And since it doubles as decor and bug deterrent, it gives a whole new meaning to the phrase, "This slaps."

    12. A portable radio that's both functional and fancy, adding a retro aesthetic to any indoor or outdoor living space. Whether you're all about that bass or lean more toward jazz, this radio can receive and deliver hits from any era with a simple turn of the dial.

    the aqua colored radio

    13. A cutting board that's designed by an independent artist, so you can support creatives while you slice and dice in style.

    a leaf patterned cutting board on a countertop with sliced lemons

    14. A small square tray to hold all the clutter that's collected on your desk — like binder clips, pen tops, hair ties, and anything else you've got lying around (we don't judge). It's made from sustainable, organic bamboo, and if your desk is already clean (we're jealous), you can just display this as an adorable art piece.

    the tray holding knickknacks on a white desk

    15. A ceramic candleholder to give your dinner party tablescape a dramatic flair with as little effort as possible 'cause that's just how you roll.

    the gold and pink glass candleholder

    16. A face plant (see what they did there?) holder that doubles as a glasses rest to bring a bit of flora and funny to your space. Draw directly on the white surface — add a smile, a shirt, whatever moves you — to spice up the look of these even more. Already have enough plant babies to care for? Reviewers suggest also using it to hold pencils, markers, scissors, or any other desk accessories.

    Square plant jar with face that has gold glasses resting on nose and sprouting greenery at the top

    17. Or, a handcrafted woven planter that was made in Ghana if you're looking to embrace more natural textures in your design. This is what we mean by ~appreciation~ not appropriation — with this purchase, you're supporting African women artisans, too!

    the woven planter next to a candle, books and vase

    18. A sage candle in a golden-wrapped glass jar, so you can indulge in its earthy, woody scent and maybe even raise the energy vibration of your space — no smudging required.

    the golden jar candle on white surface with top off and flame shown

    19. A terra-cotta owl vase because ~whoooo~ wouldn't love a cute way to display seasonal greenery and bring a little of the outside in?

    Owl vase placed atop kitchen table

    20. A wine-themed welcome mat to remind guests why you really invited them over. Toast to those friends who get your humor and never show up empty-handed. 🥂

    Brown doormat with black script writing on light gray background

    21. A heart-shaped, faux fur accent pillow that will be a super comfy addition to your weekend lounge-and-stream sesh with your S.O.

    Pink, white, and burgundy heart-shaped pillows adorning a cream-colored sofa

    22. A starry globe night-light that doubles as some adorable bedroom decor and provides solace from fear of the dark. Place it on a nightstand close to a wall so the gentle light can cast shadows of a *starry night sky* as your child slumbers soundly. 🌟

    23. A large, textured sculptural bowl that's perfect for upgrading your entryway from winter to spring. Fill it with decorative balls, greenery, or let it stand as is.

    24. A string of incandescent woven globe lights to set your balcony or patio aglow come dusk. An alfresco meal underneath the soft, amber light emitted by each mini rattan lantern is sure to strike a romantic mood with bae.

    the string lights hanging outside of a house

    25. A pastel pink wreath that'll give your doors, windows, or walls an inviting refresh — and not just on Wednesdays. The pampas grass-like fluffiness adds texture, interest, and flaunt-worthy flair.

    the pastel wreath hanging on a mint green door

    26. An ethically handcrafted woven wall-hanging plate that's perfect for adding worldly charm and boosting the mood of any room. Plus, when you purchase this piece, you're also supporting the culture and sustainability of Rwandan artisans.

    the wall decor

    27. A chic wooden organization station that's perfect for mounting in your entryway. Let it hold all that junk mail that used to pile up on the counter. Now, you can store clutter and keys in a much more fashionable way.

    the mail organizer hanging on a wall with mail and other items in it

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