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10 Hours Of Walking In NYC As A Thanksgiving Turkey

The harsh reality of being an attractive piece of meat in the big city.

anastasiad • 4 years ago

The Lyric Video To Spoof All Lyric Videos.

Been scorned by a lyric video? Ever clicked on a video thinking it was an actual music video only to realize it's a LYRIC VIDEO?

anastasiad • 5 years ago

The 11 Best Celebrity Resolutions For 2014

Famous people make resolutions too.

anastasiad • 5 years ago

Halloween Villain Conference Call!

Michael Myers, Freddy Krueger, Jason Voorhees, Leatherface and Jigsaw!

anastasiad • 5 years ago

Paula Deen's Final And Most Offensive Apology

Paula's cooking up some fresh apologies for y'all!

anastasiad • 6 years ago

“Walking Dead Mad Men” The AMC Mashup You've Been Waiting For!

Hate that you can only watch one AMC show at a time? We understand. And so we give you this: “The Walking Dead Mad Men” Your favorite zombie apocalypse survivors and the undead handsome ad execs of the 1960’s who love to eat them.

anastasiad • 7 years ago

New Jason Statham Movie Trailer!

Check out Jason Statham's brand new, action packed movie! He's not sure what it's about and neither do we, but we guarantee at least 3 explosions and several hot Asian chicks.

anastasiad • 7 years ago

Glory Part 2! Blue Ivy Carter (ft Peanut Eminem)

Within a few hours of being born, Blue Ivy Carter was named the youngest person to hit the Billboard charts. Now she’s dropped her 2nd hit….and she needs her diaper changed. Not surprisingly, other baby rappers are crawling forward to lay claim to her lavish thrown.

anastasiad • 7 years ago

Obama Girl With The Dragon Tattoo

Obama Girl is back for 2012! She made a splash during the last election and now she's back looking all pierced and Swedish! Obama's secret weapon may be out of control this time but she knows how to get the job done!

anastasiad • 7 years ago

Rihanna's Sexy Video Has A Sexy Parody!

Rihanna's "We Found Love" as told by The Key of Awesome! They definitely found the drugs, but I think Rihanna misplaced her pants.

anastasiad • 7 years ago

Justin Bieber Mistletoe PARODY! The Key Of Awesome!

He may not be the daddy, but he's still a playa! Justin Bieber wants to get with you, but you gotta keep it on the down-low! He's got 'em lined up around the Christmas Tree Park in the new parody from The Key of Awesome!

anastasiad • 7 years ago

Pumped Up Kicks Parody

New Key of Awesome! A hilarious parody of Foster the People's Pumped Up Kicks that tackles Hollywood's dirty secret.

anastasiad • 7 years ago