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21 Products That Will Completely Transform Your Closet

For when you'd like your closet to become Pinterest perfect.

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1. Use decorative push pins to hang jewelry on shelf borders or wherever some (gulp) extra closet space exists.

2. Hang a mini chalkboard to prevent stressful mornings and cluttered nights.

Every time you throw something dirty in the hamper, write it down on this chalkboard. This will spare you from turning your closet upside down only to realize that the thing you were looking for was in the hamper. THE. WHOLE. TIME.

Get this chalkboard set on Amazon for $8.99.


3. Use this cool container to store random buttons, important clothing strings, and that single sock.

Keep it on your closet shelf and never worry about losing above annoying items ever again.

Get this container from ModCloth for $29.99.

4. Use a decorative ladder to organize and display your favorite throws and scarves.

Blankets and scarves are bulky and impossible to store in a cramped closet. Keep this ladder near your closet or wherever your tiny room has space. Voilà. Looks chic and stays neat.

Get this ladder from Anthropologie for $98.

5. Use washi tape to make shelf edges or closet borders look snazzier.


10. And use these large book boxes to store sandals, flats, and other accessories that usually look too bulky in your closet.

Summer shoes. The bane of your closet's existence and organization.

Get this set of boxes from Amazon for $46.84.


12. Use chalkboard storage bins that will help you know, for once, where everything is.


16. Use finials and pretty curtains to replace your closet door.,

When your room is microscopic, curtains are a better alternative to wooden doors (which take up so much space when they're left open).

Get the finials from Urban Outfitters for $29 and the curtains from Urban Outfitters for $79.

17. Spare your desk chair some pain and use a foldable stepping stool.

Long gone will be the days where you had to use your swivel chair to reach the top shelf.

Get this step stool from Amazon for $8.99.


20. Use a belt hanger to hang all your tank tops...

... then shove said tank tops to the back of your closet because they are *always* an eye sore.

Get this belt hanger from Amazon for $11.97.

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