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    37 Versatile Style Staples You Won't Regret Buying

    Items you'll wear again and again. And again.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Some may have been sent as samples, but all opinions and reviews are our own. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. An off-shoulder maxi dress designed with the phrase wardrobe staple, the kind of number you can wear to weddings and birthday dinners *or* for a stroll along a beach boardwalk.

    2. A T-shirt dress with a tie-waist and a 1,000% guarantee of turning you into a fashion blogger stat, no significant Instagram following required. There's just something about a tie waist — amirite, folks?

    reviewer wearing the taupe-colored dress

    3. Mid-rise shorts made from a lightweight, ultra stretchy denim that won't feel restrictive throughout long days (cc: humid days spent traipsing around theme parks in Orlando, Florida).

    4. A bodycon pencil dress that looks so. damn. chic. And while the importance of owning the perfect LBD is no secret, it's likely you've had the same one for...decades (#guilty). I believe it's time we both level up.

    reviewer wearing the black midi dress

    5. A crewneck plain white tee about to bust into its own rendition of "Hey There Delilah." Just kidding. On a serious note, this hunk of lightweight Madewell cotton is super comfortable *and* goes with any bottom.

    model wearing the tee

    6. A one-shoulder jumpsuit ideal for relaxing vacations in *begins to sweat* especially hot climates — the fabric is thick but surprisingly breathable.

    7. A pair of classic high-rise skinny jeans if you'd like statement denim that's, well, not overwhelmingly statement-y. These bottoms can be worn on constant rotation — all while the subtle pocket detailing gives them an extra bit of zhush.

    model wearing the jeans

    8. A sleeveless swing mini for impromptu wine nights with le pals, grocery store runs, fancier dinners (simply add in some heels), et cetera. Versatility is this dress' strongest suit.

    the green dress

    9. An essential cropped tank that has most likely been blessed by a fairy godmother. Why? This takes your basic cami and goes *poof.* An instantly chic upgrade is yours for the taking due to this high-neck silhouette.

    10. A stretchy crewneck mini for a summer-approved extension of your favorite tee (although you can wear it any season with the right layers, tbh). Raise your hand if you're ready to ditch the WFH joggers and give your shins a chance to breathe.

    reviewer wearing the black dress with sneakers

    11. A skinny jean that's voted most likely to star in Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants. These stretchy hunks of denim are praised by 5,000+ reviewers for comfort, versatility, and a glove-like fit — plus, these are *truly* high-waisted. None of that fake "high rise" nonsense where you feel like your underwear is constantly on the brink of being exposed.

    12. An off-shoulder Bardot mini because no, you do not want to go out tonight, but yes, you did make these plans last week and you simply can't cancel again. Presenting at least one less headache: this dress. It goes with every shoe and accessory, plus the material is comfortable and doesn't feel restrictive (despite the fact that it's a bodycon).

    reviewer wearing the black off-shoulder dress

    13. A simple satiny button-up with the ability to make light-wash jeans look chic. The secret sauce is in the fabric, which delivers a luxe ensemble that only looks expensive.

    reviewer wearing the top in black

    14. A checkered blazer you can throw on over a pajama tee and *bam* — a style blog awaits. This is the perfect layer for when you want to look dressed up, but don't want to exert that level of effort.

    model wearing plaid blazer

    15. A V-neck jumpsuit that may ruin the best part of the wedding you're at: cocktail hour. Eating calamari will be consistently interrupted by the dozens of compliments you'll have to accept.

    16. A midi wrap skirt that one must simply pair with a white tank and sandals (read: leather jacket optional but highly recommended) to convince your friends that you did not sleep in this morning.

    reviewer wearing the leopard skirt

    17. A bodycon mini dress with a strappy back and two massive perks: Not only does it look like a guaranteed 400,000 followers on Instagram (you blogger you), but the adjustable ties allow you to customize your perfect fit. No trip to the seamstress required.

    18. A two-piece yoga set that you'll wear with alarming frequency. Think: every. Single. Day. This legging and sports bra combo provides light compression and looks casual chic à la the matchy-match design.

    a reviewer wearing the set in khaki while doing yoga

    19. A high-waisted midi skirt ideal for any season — pair it with booties and a leather jacket in fall and with sandals and a tank for summer. It's also available in multiple patterns so with that, I bid you a happy shopping trip.

    reviewer wearing the skirt

    20. A high-waisted palazzo trouser for a wardrobe staple that's great for team meetings, happy hours, and pretty much everything else in between. Now repeat after me: chic.

    21. A drawstring romper with all the comfort of the pajama set you've been wearing to bed since 1893, but it's not fuzzy fleece rubber duck pajamas and ergo a *lot* more chic.

    reviewer wearing black romper

    22. An iconic pair of ~wedgie fit~ straight jeans crafted with the perfect amount of stretch: just enough that they don't feel constrictive while the retention power remains top-notch. They're also slightly cropped so you can display your new shoes with pride.

    23. A V-neck lace-trimmed cami that's guaranteed to become your new IT top. And by IT, I mean this is your new official go-to top — the kind of gorgeous thing that pulls through when you have five minutes to get ready and no patience to dig through your wardrobe.

    model wearing the cami in brown with black trim

    24. Compression shorts available in three lengths, with even the ~shortest~ version ensuring that your assets won't be on full display with every step you take. Throw in the fact that these have pockets and voila, warm weather dressing just got a whole lot easier.

    25. A sleeveless T-shirt dress to replace the leggings you've been wearing since, oh, last October. This equally comfortable option won't retain humidity and allows your limbs to feel some breeze.

    reviewer wearing black sleeveless dress

    26. High-waisted shorts designed with an elastic waist that means ::le gasp:: you'll actually be able to exhale without feeling cold metal dig into your belly button. These comfy hunks of denim mold to your curves perfectly for a glove-like fit.

    27. High-waisted leggings guaranteed to make you feel trendier than thou strutting to your usual dinner spot. Pair these with any simple top to make it look as if you didn't snooze through your alarm this morning.

    Reviewer wearing faux leather leggings

    28. An off-shoulder blouse featuring a wrap waist and voluminous sleeves for THE party top of your dreams. Purchase this now now with the mindset that you'll be wearing it to every singly semi-fancy occasion henceforth.

    29. High-waisted pants featuring snazzy (and adjustable) bow detailing by the ankles, aka you'll be able to slightly alter their silhouette. Keep 'em loose if you prefer more breeze or tighten them if you're a staunch skinny denim supporter.

    reviewer wearing the yellow pants

    30. A breathable button-up shirt you'll quickly consider a jack of all trades. Beach getaway? Layer this over a bikini. Office meeting? Pair this with slacks. The world is truly your oyster with this reliable basic.

    31. A ribbed double-V tank top best described by one word: magic. A cult-favorite ~Sculpt Knit~ fabric provides light compression and scoffs in the face of white tee's past, providing a dressy upgrade to the basic wardrobe staple — one that can still be paired with truly anything in your closet.

    model wearing the white tank

    32. An open-front blazer you can consider step one in building out a versatile wardrobe. It's the crème de la crème of closet staples due to its witchy ability in making any ensemble (from band tees to ripped denim) look put together in an instant.

    33. A black strapless bustier to zhuzh up the pair of high-waisted jeans you wear *checks Instagram grid* pretty much every single time your boot passes the threshold of your front door.

    reviewer wearing the black bustier

    34. A maxi dress featuring the crème de la crème of fashion designs: pockets. Throw in super soft fabric and you've got yourself a recipe for perfection.

    35. A exercise dress because athleisure is alive and well, but pairing leggings and a sport bra can feel like such a chore in the morning. Presenting your daily solution: a mid-weight number with slight compression ideal for walks *and* brunch.

    model wearing the dress

    36. A wide leg jumpsuit best accessorized with bottomless mimosas served at your next at-home brunch, overpriced avocado toast and a poached egg not required (but highly recommended).

    37. An off-shoulder mini with a scallop hem that strikes me as the kind of dress I'll be wearing to a point that extends beyond "outfit repeating." Kate Sanders, what would you think of me?

    reviewer wearing the black off-shoulder dress

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