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    36 Useful Products You'll Want To Try Out ASAP

    Including a protein-filled, birthday cake-flavored peanut spread, an ice roller to help with lymphatic drainage, furniture repair kits, and so ๐Ÿ‘ much ๐Ÿ‘ more ๐Ÿ‘.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI โ€” prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A shampoo brush to stimulate your scalp and improve circulation, but more importantly? It increases the effectiveness of your shampoo, actively working to clear away all the built-up product in your scalp that would (inevitably) lead to dullness, lack of body, and grease.

    Because it stimulates your scalp and improves circulation, this nifty little tool is also a beast at helping with hair growth (see proof above!).

    Promising review: "I have been using this for about three weeks now and I LOVE it. It feels amazing! I haven't changed my shampoo or anything, but my hair definitely has more my roots are standing up or something! I don't know exactly what is happening, but I am all for it." โ€”Lsn1986

    Get it from Amazon for $7.98.

    2. An antimicrobial silicone scrubber that will banish the filth lurking in your kitchen sink: mold and mildew, my friends. Unlike the sponge you're currently using to wash off your dinner, this peach-scented option *isn't* a breeding ground for bacteria.

    Each scrubber keeps mold and mildew away for at least three months, meaning you'll have to replace these babies significantly less than you would a regular sponge.

    Promising review: "I love these as an alternative to other sponges. Except for the faint scent they come with (which fades over time), they don't smell at all. You can tell that the soap is completely out once you're done washing the dishes, unlike wth a regular sponge. I don't worry about mildew, mold, or gross bacteria hiding in the nooks and crannies. I've used three in about six months and I definitely could have stretched them longer." โ€”M

    Get a pack of three from Amazon for $9.95.

    3. A cold brew maker with an airtight lid and stainless steel filter that will keep your coffee fresh for up to two weeks. "No more paying unreasonably high prices for your favorite cup of Joe," I'll say to my reflection in the mirror, heart jittering as I sip my 15th cup of cold brew for the day.


    Just add up to six tablespoons of your go-to coffee beans into the filter, fill it with water, and leave it in the fridge for up to 24 hours. Then, remove the filter from the pitcher and โ€” BAM โ€” you've got some delicious coffee.

    Promising review: "This was my first cold brewing experience, but this product made it easy! Just put your coffee in the filter, fill it with water, and forget it in the fridge for a day! Plus, I love that everything comes apart easily and can be put in the dishwasher." โ€”shackelforrd

    Get it from Amazon for $20.17.

    Check out a BuzzFeeder's review on this Takeya cold brew maker.

    4. A WetBrush designed with OmniFlex technology, which is just a fancy way of saying it conforms to your scalp to quickly and painlessly detangle your 'do. It slides through any kind of hair โ€” whether super straight or curly โ€” within mere minutes, thus saving you a ton of post-shower styling time AND it won't yank out what little hair you have. / Via @thewetbrush, / Via @thewetbrush

    Preventing split ends during your morning shower? Ideal.

    This is ESPECIALLY wonderful if you have thick, curly hair that has resulted in one (or several) broken brushes. It may look flimsy, but it's seriously the exact opposite of flimsy!

    Promising review: "I am seriously in love with his hair brush! As someone with crazy curly hair, I always dread the day that I wash, brush, and style my hair. Brushing my hair alone used to require a shower comb, Tangle Teezer, wet brush, liberal amounts of conditioning products, 45 minutes, and lots of frustration. I'll be honest โ€” when I got this brush in my hand, I laughed at it. It looked very flimsy and my hair has been known to snap brushes in half. When I got around to using this brush come wash day, I was in for a big surprise. Not only did this brush not break in my hair, but it worked! I could now easily put my cleansing conditioner in my hair, start brushing, and have my hair knot free and brushed out in about six minutes total. Do not underestimate this brush till you try it because it has single-handedly saved my hair and my sanity." โ€”Brit

    Get it from Amazon for $8.56 (available in pink).

    5. An ice roller to help nix puffiness and swelling (did someone say lymphatic drainage?), as well as redness and inflammation caused from things like, say, an eyebrow wax. So in the wise words of a prophet: go ahead and ice ice baby.

    Just remove the roller head from the handle and store it in a freezer. When youโ€™re ready to wave all that morning puffiness goodbye, itโ€™ll be ready to go! Just swipe it back and forth along the puffy areas of your face (including your under eye bags) and itโ€™ll feel like youโ€™re getting a soothing, refreshing facial.

    Psst, this can also be a great tool for helping with migraines and sinus headaches!

    Promising review: "I absolutely LOVE my ice roller!! I originally bought this to to de-puff my face in the mornings, but now I use it for everything! It drastically reduces my face puffiness, helps with sore muscles, , relieves itchy legs when I break out in stress rashes, cools me off on hot days, etc. If you are thinking about buying this for any reason, DO. IT. It rolls so smoothly and feels amazing. It's my favorite product." โ€”Savannah Hanson

    Get it from Amazon for $20.99.

    6. A micro needle roller with a MUCH more affordable price point (weโ€™re talking an $80 difference) than other rollers on the market. This is heaven sent for scarring and indentations caused by cystic acne, and can improve the effectiveness of all the products in your skincare routine.,

    Just roll this back and forth about four to five times on each problem area, and be sure to apply just a tiny touch of pressure to avoid hurting your skin.

    Also! Sterilize before and after use. When youโ€™re done with it, be sure to store it in the provided case to keep it nice and protected.

    Promising review: "The older I get, the longer my skin takes to heal and it's brutal. I bought this on a whim and goodness, it's awesome. It has noticeably sped up my healing process. Indentations are filling in, raised patches are flattening out, and dark spots are lightening up. It is crazy effective." โ€”Brittany Lynn Wolff

    Get it from Amazon for $19.99.

    7. A gluten-free peanut spread available in flavors such as chocolate maple pretzel, birthday cake (*drool*), and cookie dough. Add it to toast or eat it straight from the container โ€” I will personally be doing the latter. Plus, it's got a ton of protein which makes it the perfect snack for anyone looking to add more of that to their diet.


    I personally eat the mocha cappuccino flavor every morning and OH MY HEAVENS, I've never known such deliciousness.

    Promising review: "This stuff is amazing!! I got the chocolate maple pretzel flavor and the pretzel pieces stay really crunchy, and the maple flavor is outstanding. It's great with apples and bananas, but it's also wonderful just by itself. It really satisfies my sweet cravings. Will definitely buy again and I'm excited to try the other flavors." โ€”Asoeung

    Get it from Amazon for $11.99 (available in 14 flavors).

    8. Mini hair pins to give you the ballerina bun of your Swan Lake-loving dreams. Just one of these little pins can do the work of up to *20* hair pins AKA no more excessive random pins digging into your scalp.

    How does it work? Just gather your hair, pull it into a super tight bun, spin the pins into place, and BAM! You've got yourself the perfect bun.

    Promising review: "I'm a nursing student and have to wear my hair in a bun every day. I've tried all the bun makers, watched YouTube videos, and spend way too much time on getting my hair into a bun. I was able to make a pretty bun that was secure in under 30 seconds. I thought it was a fluke so I did it again, and then again. I just ordered two more packs because I know if I lose one of these, I'd have to tear the house down looking for it. I have hair to my mid back, and three of these worked perfectly for me. If I can get my hair in bun in under 30 seconds, trust me...anyone can." โ€”Tina

    Get a pack of three from Amazon for $7.29.

    9. A plug-in air ionizer designed to eliminate all the nasties (odors, germs, dust mites, pollen, bad vibes) from your home for a breath of air that is actually fresh! Can you imagine?

    This hand-sized plug-in uses ultraviolet light to kill airborne bacteria (it's said to kill over 98% of it!) and is especially great for people who suffer from spring allergies.

    Promising review: "This little gem is a godsend. I was skeptical about it at first, but I haven't suffered from my extreme allergies since I've plugged this in. It does give off a smell when you first plug it in, but it goes away within a day or so. This is probably the best purchase I've made here on Amazon and is truly a miracle." โ€”Steven Manning

    Get it from Amazon for $79.95.

    10. An overflow drain cover for the Lush bath bomb aficionado who has yet to own a luxurious tub. You'll get that clawfoot one day, but for now...this cover will add a whopping four extra inches of h2o to your soak.


    Promising review: "Can I give this thing 10 gold stars? I have a four-foot bathtub (so small it should be illegal) so I used to bring a towel in the tub to cover myself just to keep warm because the water was so shallow. I've used this drain cover three times and now I literally bask in my Epsom salt baths. The silence is wonderful; I used to seethe at hearing the precious bath water drip-drop down the overflow drain. Buy it, hands down a peace preserver." โ€”M. Smith

    Get it from Amazon for $8.99.

    11. A odor-eliminating candle available in a bunch of delicious scents (we're talking apple cider, fresh cut roses, sun-washed cotton, and more). These soy, dye-free, cotton wick candles are actually effective at ridding your home of all wet dog, kitty litter smells.,

    These candles have a burn time of up to 60 hours and give off a super subtle scent โ€” all while totally eliminating any funky, four-legged friend smells.

    Promising review: "We are foster parents to a LOT of kittens, and while we wait for them to find their forever homes and clean the litter twice daily, things can get smelly. I was certainly skeptical about this candle because all the reviews heralded it as some sort of miracle product...but it totally is. My partner had lit this candle and when I walked into the house, it DID NOT SMELL LIKE CAT despite there being eleven kittens actively everywhere. We will continue buying FOR SURE! The candy cane smell is nice: not overwhelming, not too sweet. I'm looking forward to trying new ones as the seasons change." โ€”Elizabeth Lincoln

    Get it from Amazon for $21.95 (available in 21 scents).

    12. A ginger sugar overnight mask you apply before bed and voilร ! You'll wake up to a nourished pout ready for even the most drying of matte formulas (because I'm just going to come out and say it...๐Ÿ—ฃ๏ธmatte formulas look great, but they ARE drying as heck).

    Promising review: "HOLY GRAIL! I have always had problems with my lips being painfully dry and peeling since being on Accutane fifteen years ago. I have tried EVERYTHING: every kind of lip balm, supplement, and scrub with no change. I've been using this mask for a little over a month now and my lips are soft and smooth...I can even wear long-wearing lipstick again! I also will occasionally wear it throughout the day as a lip balm. I seriously hope they never stop making this!" โ€”MiteyMo

    Get it from Amazon for $11.20.

    13. A lightweight foot file because the pedicure you got seven months ago will no longer cut it. It's sandal season, baby, so the time has come to give your callous a stern scrub.

    Promising review: "This may be my best purchase I've ever made! Seriously. I've tried all of the other foot products and honestly, they didn't do the job. This rasp has transformed my feet in the most amazing ways!!!! I had thick, ugly skin on the bottoms of my feet but after just one use, the results of this file were dramatic! This is worth 10x the price." โ€”Bethzz

    Get it from Amazon for $14.84.

    14. Bottle Bright cleaning tablets to remove all that funky, gross, probably-starting-to-smell build-up in your favorite coffee tumbler and water bottle. These are biodegradable, chlorine-free, and โ€” best of all โ€” require absolutely NO effort or scrubbing.

    Promising review: "I seriously can't believe how well these little tablets work. I had the most disgusting HydroFlask coffee mug and I tried everything, but there was still a seemingly impenetrable layer of black sludge inside. It grossed me out so much that I bought ANOTHER HydroFlask to replace it. Now eventually they both got black inside, so I tried these little magic tablets. I let a tablet sit in each of my mugs for an hour or two, and the black sludge rinsed out COMPLETELY without any scrubbing necessary. They look brand new and there was no weird smell or taste afterward, either. Absolute magic!" โ€”Amazon Customer

    Get a pack of 12 tablets from Amazon for $8.

    15. An essential oil roll-on stick with a pretty bizarre appetite. The main thing it craves? Your migraines. This wants to gobble 'em up and get rid of all those annoying headaches with pleasure.

    Katy Herman / BuzzFeed

    This roll-on stick is packed with peppermint, spearmint, and lavender essential oils. How do you use it? When you feel a migraine coming on (ugh), just apply this to your temples, forehead, and the back of your neck โ€” it'll give you a blast of cool relief that will lessen that pesky headache (and in some cases, get rid of it completely).

    Get it from Amazon for $10.99.

    Check out a BuzzFeeder's review on this migraine stick.

    16. A repair kit containing markers and wax sticks, all intended to help you cover up the scratches, scuffs, and discoloration currently being sported by your Ikea furniture.

    Promising review: "I canโ€™t believe how well these work! Much better than I was expecting. I just had my home painted and the painters damaged a fiberboard medicine cabinet when they removed the masking tape. It ripped off the fake wood veneer. These markers completely filled in the ugly spots and the colors blended so well. It looks fantastic now!" โ€”Shane

    Get a set of 13 from Amazon for $9.99.

    17. A beverage cooler that might just save a life and that is not me being dramatic. This can take a cup of hot coffee and chill it by 130ยฐ in less than 60 seconds โ€” without diluting the delicious flavor of your caffeine the process. / Via @thehyperchiller

    Promising review: "This product is a must-have for iced coffee lovers on a budget. Using this avoids the sour flavor of cooling coffee, so it definitely replaced my trips going to a cafe and ordering coffee. I calculated how much I spend on coffee in a cafe vs. using this machine. Overall, a year of buying coffee outside would cost me $1,200-1,3000, which is a huge number. Using this with ground coffee from the super market reduces the spending to less than $100, which is a a huge save!" โ€”Chris

    Get it from Amazon for $24.95.

    18. A silicone travel mat that is heat-resistant up to 450ยฐF and prevents you from burning expensive things (like, gee, your furniture). Feel free to wrap this around any hot tool before it's completely cooled down.

    Promising review: "Do yourself a favor and make this purchase! It has saved my vanity surface and bathroom granite from getting burn marks. I just wish I would have ordered this sooner! It's the perfect size and I use it every day with my straightener and curling iron." โ€”Ken

    Get it from Amazon for $11.35 (available in two colors).

    19. A deodorant sponge capable of getting those dreadful white marks off your favorite black tee. Deodorant: so necessary because we smell, so annoying because it stains everything it touches.


    Promising review: "Love these gal pals!! Have been using them for about 15 years now, and they're great at removing deodorant stains from your clothing. They worked exactly as described!" โ€”Val D.

    Get a pack of two from Amazon for $8.

    20. Solaroil to banish the bane of your existence โ€” weak and brittle nails with cuticles that look like they were mauled by an animal. This formula is so effective, I guess you can say it really nails it. Eh?

    Just massage this oil into your nails and cuticles every night before going to bed. With daily use, your nails will begin to grow and strengthen (seriously, just read the overwhelmingly positive reviews) and your ripped-up cuticles will begin to heal/not look completely terrible.

    Promising review: "HOLY GRAIL PRODUCT. All my life, I've had super weak and brittle nails that would instantly break the second they grew out a tiny bit. This oil has changed EVERYTHING!! Iโ€™m shocked. I noticed after about a week of nightly use that my nails are growing (fast) and not breaking." โ€”K. Black

    Get it from Amazon for $8.50.

    21. A L'Oreal gel liner for beginners at the whole ~wing~ thing. Liquid eyeliner requires exact precision...but this brush applicator prevents you from picking up too much product, allowing for buildable shading you could smudge to perfection. / Via @lorealmakeup,

    ALSO! If you have oily lids, stop what you're doing and order this product ASAP. It has amazing staying power that won't fade, smudge, or budge if your lids are prone to greasiness.

    Promising review: "My holy grail gel eyeliner!! I sometimes lose my better judgement and stray from this liner to try another brand, only to be disappointed. I always come back to this one. First off, I have extremely hooded eyes that pretty much sit on top of my eyelashes. I always do a thick winged liner and this stuff has never transferred onto my upper eyelid like some products do. Also, the staying power is AMAZING. I have left it on overnight (naughty, I know) and my liner is right where I left it, maybe just a tad bit lighter/faded. The gel is very easy to work with, super creamy, matte, and very pigmented." โ€”Sarah

    Get it from Amazon for $8.12 (available in five colors).

    22. A stainless steel odor absorber that will rid your hands of any pungent cooking or "It's my night to wash the dishes" scents. Whether you're chopping onions or cleaning fish, a quick wash with this bar and voilร ! Your hands are now odor-free.


    Promising review: "Simply wash your hands under the sink with this little guy and suddenly, your hands smell like hands again. I've used it after handling several smelly items that have a tendency to make an odor stick with you, an this worked consistently every time. Basically, if you are tired of that weird smelly sponge odor sticking with your hands, get this thing." โ€”Jeremy

    Get it from Amazon for $6.87.

    23. A clay bear you can place in (or *on*) everything from brown sugar and baked goods (to soften and maintain moisture) OR to spices and salts (to keep everything dry and crispy).

    For brown sugar and baked goods, soak the clay bear in water first. For spices and salts? Keep the bear dry!

    Promising review: "I couldn't believe how well this item worked. A classic problem for bakers everywhere is hardened brown sugar when you pull it from the cupboard. Yes, there are hacks to soften it again, but wouldn't it be great if it stayed the right consistency from the get-go? Enter the Brown Sugar Bear. As long as you're keeping your sugar in an air-tight container, it will stay perfectly soft for weeks. I usually pull the bear out and re-soak the terra-cotta every two months or so, and have since gifted this item to family members." โ€”Courtney

    Get it from Amazon for $6.99.

    24. A cult-favorite Fanola purple shampoo to nip brassiness in the bud. The violent pigment in this formula works to wash away unwanted yellow in your 'do, meaning you can extend the time between salon visits meaning you can SAVE A TON OF MONEY. Easy + affordable? Someone pinch me.

    Use this only once a week (for about three minutes at a time) to prevent your hair from turning a slightly lavender shade.

    Promising review: "Finally! A purple shampoo that actually does something to my brassy hair! I have silver-white hair that is exceptionally hard to maintain due to how easily my hair gains brassy tones and how stubborn they are to remove. I've tried a ton of other brands, and none of their toning shampoos will do a damn thing to my hair even if I leave them on for an hour. I normally have to dilute violet direct dyes to make a dent in my brass. It's nice to not have to schedule a chunk of time to mix a batch of custom toner, painstakingly apply it, and then sit around for an hour while it does its stuff. This shampoo actually works really well and can cut a lot of time out of my bi-weekly color maintenance." โ€”Audrey

    Get it from Amazon for $12.97.

    25. Pre-filled liquid ant baits guaranteed to squash any chances of a Bug's Life reunion in your home. Sorry not sorry, Flik, but ant colonies in my kitchen popping up the second the weather gets warm = not ideal.

    These baits use a combination of Borax and sugary liquid to attract ants to the same spot and rid 'em from your home...once and for all.

    Promising review: "With the onset of really hot weather, the ants decided to try my kitchen as a refreshment counter. Having used several other products only to have the ants return, I was dreading the idea and expense of hiring professional pest control for occasional but virulent ant attacks. Then I saw this product on Amazon and decided to give it a try. If I hadn't used it myself, I wouldn't believe it. I put out the bait in the afternoon and the ants were dead and disappearing in less than 24 hours. Since the old trap had dead ants in it, it didn't look very appetizing in the kitchen so I replaced it with a new one. NO MORE ANTS!!! This product is wonderful and cost-effective. I have several more unused ant traps just waiting for the little buggers to strike again!" โ€”Pamela K. Buck

    Get a pack of 12 from Amazon for $14.99.

    26. An attachable aerator to make your less-than-$10 wine taste like it was sourced from Napa and aged for 10 centuries. "I'm getting some dry notes of expensive," you'll say.


    This attachable aerator deposits oxygen into your wine, which improves taste and allows aromas to EXPAND.

    Promising review: "These wine aerators are FABULOUS! I do wine demos for different wineries and I don't always have time to let a bottle of wine breathe properly before a demo starts. These greatly enhance the flavor and it makes all the difference in the world. My sales numbers increased greatly. And you can't beat the price!" โ€”Ash Bash.

    Get it from Amazon for $12.95.

    27. An LED ring light that lets you bid adieu to crappy lighting that no amount of editing can fix. Just clip this onto your cell phone for a selfie game that is at least 17x stronger.

    This has three levels of adjustable brightness, meaning it's perfect for whatever kind of natural lighting you have โ€” whether you're in broad daylight or at some swanky nightclub.

    Promising review: "The difference in my photos with this is amazing! I absolutely love it, and so thrilled that I bought it. It's light weight, easy to carry, easy to use, and makes your selfies look amazing. Like you have professional lighting!" โ€”Sherri Meyer

    Get it from Amazon for $14.98 (available in four colors).

    28. A twist-to-dispense click pen for when your best friends/diamonds are beginning to look dull. This formula will wipe away built-up gunk โ€” a result of lotion, soap, etc. โ€” to reveal a brighter, more breathtaking surface.

    Promising review: "I worked in a fine jewelry store for several years that sold this product. I was always impressed with the instant shine the diamond stick provided! The brush tip is very helpful for getting under the stones and in the setting where gunk builds up, which reduces that brilliant shine. I recently got engaged and immediately purchased a diamond dazzle stick of my own. You simply brush, rinse, dry and go. I don't feel this product replaces the need to professionally clean your jewelry every now and then, but it does help with the maintenance of that new, shiny sparkle." โ€”Amazon Customer

    Get it from Amazon for $7.45.

    29. A TIGI Bed Head styling cream here to nip frizz in the bud without weighing down your hair. This potion is also packed with Pro-Vitamin B5 for a punch of hydration while anti-static agents get rid of ALL those pesky flyaways.


    Just add two to three pumps of this into wet hair + then proceed to blow dry and style as per your usual routine!

    Promising review: "My hair is thin, frizzy, and curly, and very hard to control without weighing it down or making it greasy. This product makes my hair thick, shiny, and manageable and you don't have to use a lot of it to get results!!" โ€”Kiki L.

    Get it from Amazon for $11.54.

    30. A magnetic converter that will make struggling with your lobster clasps a thing of ancient history. This lets you throw on your go-to jewelry without having to struggle for ten minutes in front of a mirror!


    This sterling silver magnet clasp is also nickel-free, meaning it won't turn your neck a putrid shade of green after .5 seconds of wear.

    Promising review: "I have a number of necklaces with clasps so tiny that I have trouble connecting them, so I was looking for magnets that would be strong enough to support a chain and pendant that were fairly valuable. This turned out to be a winner! I can sleep and shower with it on and never have to worry about it becoming detached. I actually have to tug a bit to get it to unlatch." โ€”EDC

    Get it from Amazon for $16.52.

    31. An Oxo sink strainer that prevents food from falling down (and eventually clogging) your drain. The silicone basket even flips inside out so that you can easily dispose of all the accumulated ramen you ate for dinner.


    This durable strainer is also designed with a twistable stopper, making it easy to fill your sink with water when you need to hand wash dishes.

    Promising review: "This is the best sink strainer ever. I feel like a loser for writing a review on this,, but it truly is amazing. While I wish I had a garbage disposal, this is the next best thing. Those stupid hard metal strainers you have to bang on the trash can to get the food particles out are the worst, and the trapped stuff never really comes out! But with this, you just turn it inside out and everything slides right out. AMAZING." โ€”Carly M.

    Get it from Amazon for $9.19.

    32. A concentrated O'Keeffe's moisturizing cream ideal for dry, cracked hands in desperate need of some TLC. This water, glycerin, and paraffin formula is used (and loved) by everyone from construction workers to people with eczema.

    Promising review: "Does this product need another five star review? Nope. But I had to. This is truly a miracle product!! I have the driest skin in the winter, to the point where I will look down at my hands and notice that they're bleeding from all the various cracks. This product made a major difference after just one use! Here I am weeks later and my hands have no cracks, look younger, and are no longer red." โ€”P. Neuber

    Get it from Amazon for $8.

    33. A fridge deodorizer you can fill with baking soda (or activated charcoal) to get rid of that STENCH. If your ice box has unbearable BO, consider this a 24/7 deodorant.


    This has a replacement indicator that lets you know when it needs to be refilled with baking soda/activated charcoal, and can be thrown in the dishwasher when it needs a good cleansing.

    Promising review: "Another commenter mentioned using activated charcoal in this product, and let me tell you, it kicks butt. I had found rotten meat and dairy in my fridge, and the smell could knock you out. After cleaning, I put the Chilly Mama in with the activated charcoal and in hours, the smell was gone! Not masked or lightened, but gone!! And it works really well in the freezer too - no weird staleness anymore!" โ€”O truant Muse

    Get it from Amazon for $11.93.

    34. Cordless shades guaranteed to improve overall happiness and health โ€” with these, there will be no more having to ~bop it twist it pull it~ whilst trying to close your blinds so that you can go back to bed and be undisturbed by sunlight.

    Promising review: "These blinds keep out the bright sun without darkening the room excessively and allows enough light in through windows to keep the room functional! It's easy to move up and down, it fits the room decor, and installation was straightforward." โ€”Peet

    Get them from Amazon for $18.89+ (available in five sizes).

    35. A silicone massage brush that boosts the effectiveness of your daily cleanser by adding some gentle exfoliation ร  la BPA-free bristles, which ensure your pores have been stripped of all remaining makeup. This is especially great for warmer months, when sweat gets trapped on the surface of your skin!


    This silicone cleanser dries quickly, meaning it doesn't act as a breeding ground for germs and bacteria (you know, the kind that can cause pimples and other havoc).

    Promising review: "This is awesome. I'm a licensed esthetician and know a thing or two about skincare, but unfortunately, I have such sensitive skin that most exfoliants I've tried really irritate my skin and can end up triggering eczema or psoriasis flares. This is a gentle enough way to exfoliate that it gets the job done for me without irritation. As a plus, the massage-like effect it has would aid in microcirculation and probably aid cell turnover (as exfoliation does in general)." โ€”Michael Schiffmiller

    Get a pack of four from Amazon for $8.99.

    36. A cable saver on a mission to save lives โ€” lightning cable lives, that is. This spiral design prevents expensive charging cords from fraying and breaking, which will save you some serious $$ in the long run.

    Promising review: "As a person that regularly travels around for school, work, and so forth I really am rough on my MacBook chargers. I have had about four different chargers for my current MacBook, which gets extremely expensive.

    I am blown away about how much this really does save your precious cables. This product will save them you lots of money." โ€”The Young Girl Who Loved Books

    Get it from Amazon for $4.98.

    You to that heavenly birthday cake-, cookie dough-, and chocolate pretzel-flavored peanut spread:


    The reviews in this post have been edited for length and clarity.

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