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19 Things Everyone From Massachusetts Will Appreciate

Massachusetts? More like miss-a-you-setts.


We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales from the links on this page.

1. A wood carving board in the shape of your favorite state.

Get this cutting board from AHeirloom on Etsy for $48.

2. A dainty ring that is the perfect present to yourself.

Get this ring from LettersToSarah on Etsy for $48.

3. A Homesick candle from BuzzFeed that smells like apple cider doughnuts and Dunkin coffee AKA home.

Get this candle from Homesick for $29.95.

4. A baggage tag poster to express your love of Logan International Airport.

Get this poster from offizin on Etsy for $18.45.

5. A Grinch mug that pays homage to your fellow Massachusettsan, Dr. Seuss.

Get this mug from Amazon for $15.80.

6. A necklace to keep close to your heart.

Get this necklace from theHOMETOWNhaven on Etsy for $30.

7. A beer cap map that saves the lives of beer caps everywhere.

Get this beer cap map from Amazon for $34.99.

8. A plate you'll love so much, it won't just sit unwashed in your sink.

Get this plate from FishKissBrand on Etsy for $25.

9. Massachusetts maple syrup that is obviously the best in the world.

Get this maple syrup from Amazon for $19.99.

10. A cornhole game set that guarantees a ridiculous amount of fun.

Get this cornhole game set from CornholeBoardsDOTus on Etsy for $144.95.

11. An art print of the Boston skyline to stare at while feeling homesick.

Get it this print from Amazon for $12.99.

12. A tarot card dek to transport you back to Salem.

Get this dek from Amazon for $24.95.

13. A car decal to *kindly* remind people where you're from.

Get it this decal from Amazon for $3.99.

14. A jumbo mug with an accurate map of Massachusetts.

Get this mug from Amazon for $10.12.

15. A bookmark that pays homage to Emily Dickinson, born in Amherst in 1830.

Get this bookmark from Amazon for $12.95.

16. A book about the 13 most haunted places in Massachusetts.

Get this book from Amazon for $13.99.

17. A cookie cutter to make a more personal batch of cookies.

Get this cookie cutter from Amazon for $5.99.

18. A laptop decal that will hurt your heart a little as your type.

Get this decal from Amazon for $3.99.

19. A baseball sign that roots for the Boston Red Sox.

Get this sign from KraftmansShip on Etsy for $25.

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