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    A "Mean Girls" Cookbook Exists, And Yeah β€” It's Fetch


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    My love for Mean Girls is surpassed only by my love of food β€” and I am extremely excited to announce that a new cookbook has been released to merge these two passions together. THAT'S RIGHT! A Mean Girls cookbook now exists!

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    BOY OH BOY, pass that butter, because I am about ready to eat ALLLL the carbs.

    The Burn Cookbook, by Jonathan Bennett and Nikki Martin, is a wondrous collection of recipes and activities that will make any Regina George devotee cry tears of joy. / Via @jonathandbennett

    And yes, that Jonathan Bennett is the same Aaron Samuels who looks significantly sexier with his hair pushed back.

    ALSO! The foreword to this cookbook is written by Lacey Chabert, aka Gretchen Wieners herself.

    And surprise β€” the recipes are freakin' great and tie in with the movie so well. This Fetch-uccini Alfredo, for example, looks extremely delicious and extremely full of carbs. / Via @jonathandbennett

    If you're not an Alfredo fan (...interesting), then let me give you a taste of other recipes that this book of wonders holds. SEE BELOW!

    Amber D'Allessio grilled hot dogs, "It's Like, All in Swedish" meatballs, JAMBO-laya, strawberry toaster doodles, face-smells-like-a-foot peppermint bark, and so much more.

    AnaMaria Glavan / BuzzFeed


    And if you think I'm being a pusher about how awesome this thing is, then IDK what to tell ya. But please note that lovely, Amazon account-holding youths are just as excited about this cookbook as I am.

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    "I bought this as a funny thing and was shocked at how amazing it is! The recipes are so good and beyond clever. The games make it so much more than just a cookbook! Now I just need to figure out how to get Aaron Samuels to sign my copy..." β€”Amazon Customer

    "This book is SO FUN and packed with great pictures and behind-the-scenes factoids about Mean Girls that somehow relate to the recipes. This is a total must-have if you're a fan of the movie." β€”HLR

    "This is the cookbook I never knew I needed! The instructions are easy to follow and the ingredients are easy to find. Kraft mac and cheese for cheese balls? Awesome! Jonathan Bennett and Nikki Martin gave us the perfect parody cookbook. This is such a great buy and well worth the price." β€”Darrell Nelson

    YOU LET IT OUT, HONEY. Now buy yourself a copy! Get it from Amazon for $15.

    Now raise your hand if you feel personally victimized by your love of Mean Girls and feel the need to purchase the above cookbook right this very second:

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    If you're not raising your hand right now, you're a liar. Literally everyone on planet Earth loves Mean Girls.

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