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    35 Small But Amazing Gifts That Will Leave A Huge Impression

    Including a mini pizza box filled with socks, ~message in a bottle~ birthstone necklaces, iridescent fidget cubes, a pig-shaped (super) mini vacuum, AND MORE.

    1. A gorgeous birthstone necklace presented in a ~message in a bottle~ jar. Looking for a super personalized, super sentimental, super last minute gift? Consider it your lucky day because BAM! You've found it.

    2. A wine bottle vacuum pumper that removers air from your ~vino~ to preserve freshness for up to a week. Not that a bottle of wine would last a week in your house, but...

    3. A slow rising squish toy you'll want to keep handy at the office. Consider yourself prepared for the next "As per my last email..." situation.

    4. A book of keepsake postcards packed with puns for ~that~ pal in your friend group. You know, the one to snort laugh at their own jokes. It's me. I am that friend.

    5. A pizza box packed with four pairs of cotton socks that are *le deep sigh* not edible. They do, however, promise to make your feet look delicious.

    6. A dainty friendship necklace encrypted with a super secret, super special message in Morse code. (SURPRISE! I'm a genius and have figured it out! The necklace says BFF.)

    7. A magnifying mirror that folds into a travel-friendly compact OR can be adjusted to stand upright. Plus, this is designed with LED lights to ensure bad lighting doesn't get in the way of your killing the makeup game.

    8. A fidget cube you'll want to keep in your pocket. Bored stiff? Your hands are too cold to scroll Instagram? Need something to get your mind off the fact that your bus is late? I present to you an iridescent solution.

    9. A pop-up card featuring The Beatles in their iconic strut down Abbey Road. This gorgeous keepsake is sure to win "best gift of the year" at your office Secret Santa exchange.

    10. A cordless tabletop vacuum to gobble up all the tiny crumbs that have decided to take residence on your desk. This little piggy will be there to clean it all up!

    11. A mini essential oil diffuser that will turn your bedroom into an aromatherapy oasis. Add in a few drops of lavender, plug this puppy in, and get ready to relax.

    12. The Little Book of Sloth Philosophy filled with fabulous golden nuggets of truth, including that a good nap is ~more restorative~ than an early AM jog. Wink.

    13. A shaving cream formulated with eucalyptus and menthol, which work overtime to tone, purify, and refresh skin. Razor burn? Consider that a thing of the past. ANCIENT HISTORY, I tell ya!

    14. Crystal hair pins to add a touch of glitz and glam to your 'do. I won't outright say that Meghan Markle probably owns these, but...

    15. An activity journal packed with fun prompts, diagrams, and checklists to encourage you to take a little ~me~ time — a pretty hard feat considering the hustle and bustle that is life.

    16. A cupholder caddy to give your wine a place to rest whilst you bathe. Just picture it! A fizzy bath bomb, perhaps a good book, and your favorite glass of red loyally by your side.

    17. A weighted cell phone stand with an anti-skid bottom to keep your pocket-sized computer upright and accessible at all times.

    18. A jade roller you'll want to add to your skincare routine ASAP. This 'lil facial massager is said to promote circulation, tighten skin, and help with lymphatic drainage to keep your face feeling glorious and de-puffed.

    19. A Himalayan salt night light that claims to purify and improve the air quality in your bedroom. Plus, if you're an adult and scared of the dark... this provides a pretty warm glow. No judgement.

    20. A wireless bluetooth speaker modeled after what your S/O REALLY wanted this holiday season. But, hey, at least the sound quality on this little puggerino provides a great consolation gift.

    21. A slim wallet to fool everyone into thinking that your paycheck is a lot higher than it actually is. This budget-friendly gift looks way more expensive, thank heaven above.

    22. A wall-mounted bottle opener for the new apartment renter who barely remembers to buy toilet paper. A beer bottle opener = one of those obvious things that they'll never really think to buy.

    23. A scalp massager that will make you feel as if you're getting a professional shampoo at the ritziest salon in town. This nifty little thing deep cleans your hair for a commercial-worthy mane.

    24. Foldable flats perfect for that next black tie optional event. These portable shoes can be stashed in your bag, meaning you can slip these babies on when your four-inch heels become too much to bear.

    25. A trinket tray featuring Pusheen as a MERMAID. Is this what the cool kids would call a "thicc" gift?

    26. A gift box that contains delicious blends of earl grey masala chai, saffron masala chai, and sweet Himalayan green tea. This is the perfect set for the Kermit in your life!

    27. Template stencils to turn your latte into a full-blown work of art. I'm not outright SAYING that you should create a ~coffee art~ Instagram now, but...

    28. Velvet scrunchies in the shape of bunny ears. These are perfect for when you feel like putting your ~hare~ up in a ballerina bun/need it out of your face.

    29. Cotton socks you'll want to give the pal who guzzles away half of their paycheck at Starbucks. Or Dunkin' Donuts.

    30. Seamless undies that look (and feel!) super luxe without completely betraying your tight budget. "I have been faithful," you'll whisper to your savings account.

    31. An Amazon Fire Stick with the ability to turn any TV into a smart TV. Just plug this puppy into the HDMI port, connect to Wi-Fi, and BAM! You're ready to start streaming.

    32. A vintage matchbox best coupled with a delicious, holiday-inspired soy candle for a gift that's put to fantastic use.

    33. A criss cross ring for anyone you need to ~cross~ off your shopping list last minute. Prime shipping = this gorgeous little thing will be at your door within two days.

    34. Non-stick silicone baking mats ideal for baking the most delicious bougie dessert on the planet: MACARONS. Who needs a trip to Ladurée Paris when you've got baking mats, am I right?

    35. A luggage tag infused with a protective charm, meaning your suitcase won't get lost en route to your next much-needed vacation. Talk about a fantastic deal, am I right?

    The ~best things come in the smallest packages~, you say?

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