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    17 Amazing Suitcases That People Actually Swear By

    Ah, traveling. Such a delight.

    1. A luggage and duffel bag hybrid guaranteed to comfortably fit 30 outfits and 12 pairs of shoes for your two day trip.

    2. A three piece set available in several vibrant colors, meaning you'll actually be able to spot your suitcase at baggage claim.

    3. A carry-on you'll be able to easily stuff in the overhead bin. You know, if there's any room left for it.

    4. A lightweight spinner case designed for those Home Alone-esque runs through O'Hare airport.

    5. An inexpensive three piece set that will make your wallet scream, "THANK YOU!"

    6. A spinner suitcase with an overweight indicator that'll let you know if your luggage is over 50 lbs.

    7. Sleek black luggage made with scratch resistant fabric, meaning it won't look scuffed up after one flight.

    8. An investment suitcase guaranteed to last forever and always.* It even comes with a lifetime warranty!

    9. A rolling duffel bag that's perfect for both road trips AND international flights. Hooray!

    10. A hard shell three piece set with a TSA-approved lock and a free two-year warranty.

    11. A lightweight carry-on that doesn't weigh a million pounds before you've even put anything inside it.

    12. A medium-sized Herschel case for the person who swears by their handy dandy (iconic) backpack.

    13. A luggage set with convenient outside pockets, meaning you won't have to unpack to find what you're looking for.

    14. A carry-on that is very talkative. It often makes jokes like, "orange you glad I have a 10-year warranty?"

    15. A polka-dot set taken directly from your "airport style" Pinterest board.

    16. A rolling duffel bag that'll inspire you to plan an all-out backpacking trip. Adventure! Hostels! Fast food!

    17. A hardside suitcase with a built-in combination lock that's on sale right now. Cha-ching, am I right?