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27 School Supplies That'll Bring You Back To The Good Old Days

What is happiness? A Scholastic book order form.

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1. Scented markers to turn your math workbook into a scratch and sniff experience. Long division has never been so fun!

Promising review: "These markers make me feel like a kid again! I LOVED these markers as a child, and now the scents bring back memories. They make learning fun! These are high quality markers that write well, have excellent color saturation, and last a long time." —Amazon Customer

Get a pack of 12 from Amazon for $4.99.

2. A 4-in-1 pen that is the epitome of multi-functional. Legend says you could click all four pens down at once...

Promising review: "I was thrilled to find these BIC pens on Amazon. I remember using them in the '90s: doodling, taking notes, and getting more organized. I purchased this item for nursing school: instead of having four pens in my scrub pocket, this allowed me to carry only one." —Amazon Customer

Get a pack of three from Amazon for $3.54.


4. Lisa Frank stickers to turn any marbled notebook into a piece of unique, museum-worthy artwork.

Promising review: "I was feeling very nostalgic when I purchased these, and I do not regret the decision. Lisa Frank never disappoints." —Amazon Customer

Get this pack from Amazon for $9.89.

5. Milky gel pens perfect for coloring in all the bubble letters printed within your science workbook.

*** spends five minutes shading the triangle in an "A" ***

Promising review: "These pens are worth the price. They are FULL of ink and flow so nicely. They're perfect for intricate coloring books!" —Arkay A.

Get a pack of six for $7.88.

6. A limited edition Goosebumps tin you can exclusively purchase through a Scholastic book order form. ***

Reader beware, you're in for a [mild] scare.

Promising review: "This brings back childhood memories. My 11-year-old daughter recently got into Goosebumps because the show is now available on Netflix, and it has been a joy telling her about how much I used to love the series. We read a few chapters every other night and then watch an episode of Goosebumps on Netflix; it's so much fun." —Angela Krebs

Get it from Amazon for $23.62.

***And also Amazon.

7. A Hello Kitty planner to map out your very busy, very stressful, very hectic schedule in style.

"This meeting conflicts with nap time and I cannot cancel that again." —my very young self while using this planner, probably.

Promising review: "This is just too cute. I love it!" —Amazon Customer

Get it from Amazon for $16.99.


8. Folders adorned with annoyingly cute kittens and puppies. You know, to show your sensitive side.

Promising review: "These are great folders! So cute and silly, but also very sturdy. No complaints!" —Molly Jamison

Get a pack of six folders from Amazon for $14.63.

9. Glue sticks that will always be superior to tape. Always.

Promising review: "You're always in need of glue when you have a school aged-kiddo or for doing crafts at home. I've come to rely on Elmer's since I was still in school, and it's still the same great brand in a stick. Works great for paper crafting, fun foam, googly eyes, and more." —Kitana2

Get a pack of four from Amazon for $1.99.

10. Glitter glue to guarantee an A+ on all those poster board projects. Tip: trace the title of your project with said glue.

The prettier the poster, the better the grade.

Promising review: "My students love to use this glue for all projects: posters, dioramas, poster boards, bulletin board art, and more!" —Derinda A. Cain

Get it from Amazon for $2.08. Available in six colors.

11. A whole stack of construction paper just begging to be used for fortune tellers and half-assed origami projects.

Promising review: "Love this paper! It's really thick and sturdy, and the vibrant colors hold up well over time." —AF

Get a pack of 50 for $2.52.


12. Wite-Out correction tape intended to erase mistakes. Original Wite-Out bottles are exclusively meant for painting your nails.

"NOT SO PERMANENT NOW, HUH?!" —me, slowly dragging Wite-Out across a page.

Promising review: "Love this stuff! I write really fast and sometimes end up writing the wrong letter, word, etc. I love having this Wite-Out Tape nearby in a drawer to quickly erase the mistake and keep writing over it immediately." —Texas

Get a pack of ten from Amazon for $14.63.

13. Composition notebooks you MUST have in several colors to differentiate spelling, science, social studies, and math.

Promising review: "These are excellent! The colors are strikingly beautiful, the journals have 100 sheets each, and they are very well made. I'd buy them again in a heartbeat. I go through these a lot — I use them for everything." —Amazon Customer

Get a pack of 12 from Amazon for $19.99.

14. Stackable pencils to prevent any trips to the classroom sharpener. You know, the one placed by the back closets...

...where backpacks are stored.

Promising review: "I remember these pencils from my childhood. You never have to worry about a pencil sharpener and that's a good thing: when you need one, there usually isn't one." —Andrew's Mom

Get a pack of eight from Amazon for $4.10.


16. Stamp markers that are, in hindsight, kind of like the original emoji. Pre-cellphone days were the best.

Promising review: "I'm 24 and I remember using these as a kid! If you had these markers, you were deemed super cool. I got them for my five-year-old and she uses them all the time." —Vivi

Get two packs of 10 from Amazon for $8.88.

17. Erasable pens for the person who would like to stop using pencils...but is not quite ready for permanent pen just yet.

This is the perfect transitional writing instrument.

Promising review: "These are my wife's favorite pens for her crossword puzzles!" —Willis Allen

Get it a pack of 12 from Amazon for $5.99.

18. A mega art kit that basically says, "why yes, I am indeed the next da Vinci. Please don't stare."

Promising review: "I bought this set for our daughter and she loves it! Everything is within reach and spread out." —Nicholas T.

Get it from Amazon for $25.97.

19. A tin lunchbox designed to store your PB&J white bread sandwich AND signify which cartoon series has your loyalty.

***I had a Scooby Doo one.

Promising review: "I grew up with metal lunch boxes, and I really wanted my son to have one. After a ton of searching I found this one! Yay for no plastic-y zippered lunchboxes that are infused with some sort of anti-bacterial substance!" —JC

Get it from Amazon for $12.53. Available in 20 styles.


21. Scented stickers I'm hoping that teachers still use. These are the best incentive to hand in your homework on time.

The amount of shame I felt when a teacher handed me back a paper that was missing a sticker... just unbearable.

Promising review: "I am transported back to the '80s with this product! I remember trading stickers when I was in elementary school, and scratch 'n sniffs were always a popular choice. These were purchased for my 4-year-old so that he can enjoy something I enjoyed all those years ago." —A. Kundart

Get them from Amazon for $10.29.

22. Flexible pencils to fool everyone into thinking you're a magician. Abracadabra, amirite?

Promising review: "These pencils are super cool and unique. I purchased them as a stocking stuffer for my daughter and she loves them! She tends to fidget, so bending her pencil back and forth or into loops is perfect during frustrating homework." —TrasiCakes

Get a pack of 20 from Amazon for $8.49.


25. Stretchy covers for protecting the edges of your already very frayed, very used, and very outdated global studies textbook.

Promising review: "I am 10 and these are PERFECT for 4th grade!!!" —Fan

Get a pack of three from Target for $2.50.

26. Five-subject notebooks to keep all your overly-highlighted notes and damn impressive doodles in order.

Promising review: "These are my favorite spiral notebooks! I love how clean the perforated edges are when I remove paper." —TXCamper

Get it from Amazon for $11.29.