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    31 Products That Will Actually Keep Your Bedroom *GASP* Neat

    Is there anything more quaint than a rope basket storing a fluffy blanket? No.

    1. A sturdy under-the-desk mount that keeps heavy headphones out of sight, out of mind. No more shoving your expensive Beats into random desk/junk drawers!

    2. Stackable organizers perfect for smaller items that like to disappear when you need 'em most. Pro tip! Use these bad boys to store hair pins and ties. Thank me when you get a chance.

    3. An expanding file folder so simple, so ingenious, so necessary. Use these pastel babies to store important adult things like β€” *gasp* β€” your taxes!

    4. Plastic organizers to prevent your bra, underwear, or sock drawer from turning into a junk drawer. These will help keep everything nice and tidy.

    5. A bedside caddy because your nightstand is looking like a mess and you have no idea where the remote is. This convenient storage solution ensures that your nighttime essentials are tucked away into one neat little spot.

    6. A rope basket perfect for storing extra pillows, linens, and throw blankets. Can you also use this for dirty laundry? I suppose. But it feels almost *too* pretty to be used for that.

    7. Reusable cable ties to abolish all "this charging cord is tangled beyond help" situations. These will keep 'em all nice and tidy.

    8. A vanity organizer for all the mundane items you use on the daily. Whether it's hairspray or your overpriced perfume, consider it a small miracle that you'll now *always* be able to spot your deodorant.

    9. A rotating pencil holder that will ~supply~ all of your office supplies with a permanent home. Never ask yourself "where the hell are the scissors?" ever again.

    10. A storage box to stow away duvets, pillows, puffy winter jackets, your action figure collection, etc. For those of you with tiny ass bedrooms (#same) β€” never forget that there is always space UNDER YOUR BED.

    11. A laundry board that makes it easy to fold all of your clothes with precision, ensuring that everything looks tidy in your drawers and closet. Looking for an assistant, Marie Kondo?

    12. Non-slip metal hangers for all the slacks currently cluttering your closet, you fancy slack-wearing young professional! I aspire to be as sophisticated as you are. One day.

    13. A ring-bound journal to a) turn ticket stubs into a memento you'll pass onto your children, and b) to prevent said ticket stubs from cluttering up every nook, cranny, and corner of your living space.

    14. Clear organizers capable of turning the junkiest of drawers into a place where things can actually be found. Euphoria = being able to easily locate a pen when you need one most.

    15. A honeycomb organizer to prevent your intimates drawer from morphing into a junk drawer. Prepare for Aerie undies that will ~spark joy~ every time you see how neatly folded they are.

    16. Velvet hangers that will save a RIDICULOUS amount of space in your closet. These non-slip babies are super thin, but remain sturdy enough to hold the (many) pieces of clothing you kept after Marie Kondo-ing.

    17. A jewelry organizer to easily display all of your many necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and watches. No more "OMG, I completely forgot I had that..." moments OR gargantuan tangles you'll never be able to undo.

    18. A plastic basket that is (thankfully) collapsible, meaning you can stow it away anywhere β€” under your bed! next to the skeletons in your closet! β€” when not in use.

    19. A wire basket ideal for amoeba-sized closets β€” AKA closets that are TINY. This gives extra storage for clothes and accessories, meaning no more stuffing scarves into already-packed drawers because you don't know where else to put 'em!

    20. An acrylic storage box that will have every frequent Sephora shopper crying tears or mascara-running-down-your-face joy. Your makeup? Consider it ORGANIZED.

    21. A hanger system for clothes that are being CRAMPED. This genius invention allows you to use all the free vertical space in your closet, which will in turn make your closet look less cluttered.

    22. A double-sided hamper to keep our whites and darks separated from the get go, meaning you won't have to add "sorting dirty underwear" to the list of things that make laundry day so unbearable.

    23. Damage-free hooks for displaying jewelry, framed photos, *gulp* keys, and more. Not running late every AM because you can't find your keys? Someone pinch me because that must be a dream.

    24. An over-the-door mesh organizer that can house up to 24 pairs. Carrie Bradshaw, if your apartment was *actually* on par with NYC standards (AKA tiny), you would've really loved this!

    25. OR! An under-the-bed organizer if you're looking to free up some closet space, but your vast shoe collection is getting in the way. Use this to store all of your off-season foot gloves.

    26. A countertop trash can because raise your hand if you sometimes leave used cotton balls on your vanity table. Don't be shy, we all do it.

    27. A desk stand that can hold 96 (!!!) pens, pencils, paintbrushes, markers, gel pens. No more finding mysterious Sharpies at the back of your underwear drawer.

    28. A six-hook hanger to store your excessive amount of handbags. Not a handbag person? FINE! Because this can also store belts, ties, scarves, tank tops, and whatever the HECK else you can think of.

    29. Shelf dividers so that maybe you can keep your clothes and accessories piled in nice, neat, easy-to-grab piles. All your sweaters in one place? All your jeans in one place? Must be bliss.

    30. Vacuum storage bags for all the winter outerwear that takes up WAY too much space in your closet. Space that could be used for MORE winter outerwear, thank you very much...

    31. Velcro sticky strips that let you hang up and keep items in place, such as all of your remote controls that always seem to go missing when you NEED THEM MOST.

    Me, looking at my room when it's actually neat/organized/there aren't any clothes on the floor:

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