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    31 Things That'll Become Your "I'm Going Out" Uniform

    Digs through closet —> finds nothing to wear —> cancels plans —> reads this post —> plans saved.

    1. A backless bodysuit complete with gorgeous lace trim, which makes me think that the phrase "hummuna hummuna hummuna" has never been so appropriate.

    2. A cowl-neck satin tank that I am officially dubbing THE quintessential ~I'm going out~ top. No more scouring your entire closet to find a dinner- and drinks-appropriate shirt. This is it!

    3. An off-the-shoulder knit dress perfect for both Galentine's Day and *bleh* Valentine's Day. Guzzle some wine and celebrate romance with an outfit you seriously L-O-V-E.

    4. A tie-front mini dress that calls for a photo shoot. Get ready to become an Instagram influencer, sweetheart, because this number will turn you into a digital STAR.

    5. A high-waisted miniskirt you can pair with a black sweater, black tights, and black over-the-knee boots for an effortlessly chic look. Hello, Paris street style.

    6. A roll neck top available in a gunmetal, snakeskin-inspired print that pairs perfectly with any color bottom, whether some classic blue denim or red velvet pants.

    7. A wrap top so gorgeous, you'll fall in love with it immediately. I guess you can say it'll have you ~wrapped~ around its finger...

    8. An off-the-shoulder top perfect for pesky bottoms that are difficult to match. This pretty little basic can be paired with any (colorful) bottom or pretty-darn-trendy silhouette.

    9. A swing dress featuring ruffles, polka dots, and a yearning for spring. Dear winter, my face hurts and I have had enough.

    10. A crêped jersey top you'll want to wear every single Friday. This is perfect for both the end-of-week office meeting and beginning-of-the-weekend-drinks.

    11. A marled midi skirt featuring a high slit to flash a little thigh every time you take a step. You 👏 little 👏 minx 👏.

    12. A pencil dress available in 16 vibrant colors, ranging from purple and blue to yellow and pink. Hate wearing anything other than black? NO WORRIES — because yes, it's also available in black.

    13. A velvet wrap top that looks like it was plucked from an "Ideal #OOTD" board on Pinterest. That rich color! Those subtle floral accents! Excuse me while I swoon.

    14. A fit-to-flare cocktail dress here to prove that love at first sight does exist. Romeo and Juliet, I finally understand where you were coming from.

    15. A sleeved bodysuit featuring a self-tie back sure to make everyone green with envy — even your enemies would swallow their pride just to ask where you got this gem.

    16. A funnel neck pullover perfect for that chilly winter night spent on a movie-and-dinner date. Cozy + stylish = the best kind of clothing money can buy.

    17. A ponte jumpsuit for anyone ready to retire their Little Black Dress. There's a new sheriff in town, LBD, and its name? The Little Black Jumpsuit.

    18. A bardot bodysuit that is the perfect thing to quickly throw on at 11:08... when you told your friends you'd meet at the bar by 10:30.

    19. A velvet swing dress guaranteed to become the bane of your entire closet's existence. "WHY DON'T YOU WEAR US ANYMORE?" —all the other dresses you own...

    20. A leopard-inspired wrap skirt you'll be able to wear all 365 days a year. This defies the concept of ~seasonal dressing~ and is perfect for fall, winter, spring, AND summer.

    21. A velour mini dress complete with subtle glitter for nights when you feel like looking dressy, but full-on sequins would be a bit much.

    22. A v-neck sequin tank ideal for every ~we're all going out~ event you have coming up this month. Karaoke night? Get ready to slay it.

    23. Stretchy leggings featuring a VERY fancy tuxedo stripe, making them a much more comfortable alternative to the jeans you usually wear on date night.

    24. A stretch knit sheath dress available in a wide array of fun patterns and basic neutrals. What's that? You want to buy 'em all? Go right ahead!

    25. A tailored blazer moonlighting as a magician. What tricks can it perform, you ask? WELL! It can transform any top — a lace tank, an old band tee, etc. — into serious fashun.

    26. A bodycon mini dress that is the definition of versatility. Depending on your shoe and accessory choices, this ensemble can range from casual cute to "I'm going out for a caviar dinner".

    27. A chiffon blouse to add a bit of much-needed springtime fine to your wardrobe. It'll act as a daily reminder that winter (and the frigid cold it brings) is fleeting....

    28. A sweetheart blouse cropped to hit your natural waist, meaning it will be neither too long or too short — it'll hit right above the button on your favorite high-waisted jeans.

    29. A faux leather mini skirt capable of making your favorite black tee (the one that is perpetually wrinkled...) look polished, professional, and put together.

    30. A knit sweater you can wear with literally any bottom. Jeans! Mini skirts! Midi skirts! Maxi skirts! Palazzo pants! It's all fair game with this affordable top.

    31. A satin two-piece set that banishes all "BUT WHAT TOP WILL I WEAR WITH THIS SKIRT?" situations to the pits of HECK.

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