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    19 Hair Products That Will Actually Deliver Some Volume

    The bigger the hair, the better the secrets.

    1. A got2b thickening mousse formulated with instant collagen to add elasticity and strength. In English? It'll help your "I spent 45 minutes with a hot tool in my hands" style hold all day, whether that style is super curly or stick straight.

    2. A John Frieda hot air brush because that straightener you’re currently using is going to take ALL the volume out of your roots. This easy-to-use tool will give you a salon-quality blowout worthy of a shampoo commercial (*patiently waits for that royalty check*).

    3. A Garnier Fructis finishing spray that will become the ~pièce de résistance~ of your daily styling routine. This provides a non-sticky, light hold while texturizing every single layer to trick everyone into thinking your hair has body. If only they knew the (#thin, #flat, #boring) truth.

    4. A TIGI Bed Head styling cream here to nip frizz in the bud without weighing down your hair. PLUS! This potion is packed with Pro-Vitamin B5 for a punch of hydration while anti-static agents get rid of ALL those pesky flyaways.

    5. A Sexy Hair texturizing powder you simply dab into your roots or throughout your hair and bam! It'll instantly liquify to provide fullness and slight tackiness AKA your hot tool will become so much more effective.

    6. A Hair Dance powder dry shampoo which is especially great at vacuuming up grease and adding body sans any leftover chalky white residue. Pro tip: If you add some into your roots before bed, you'll wake up with a completely refreshed scalp that looks like it was shampooed five minutes ago (...as opposed to five days ago).

    7. A shampoo brush to stimulate your scalp and improve circulation, but more importantly? It allows your shampoo to be more effective, actively working to clear away all the built-up product in your scalp that would (inevitably) lead to dullness and lack of body.

    8. A John Frieda sea salt shampoo that increases volume by up to 40%. How the HECK is that possible, you ask? Repeat after me: caffeine vitality complex.

    9. An OGX coconut water oil with electrolytes to hydrate brittle, damaged hair without making it look like you haven't showered in seven weeks...and without weighing your hair down. YIPPEE!

    10. Wake up with ready-to-go hair by sleeping in these flexible curling rods, which are pros at giving you the perfect waves...without subjecting your 'do to any more heat damage. My burnt split-ends are already feeling oh so grateful.

    11. A Kenra weekly scrub formulated with activated charcoal to get rid of yucky product build-up in your scalp. Leftover dry shampoo still stuck in your roots = hair that looks sad, flat, and lifeless. (Sounds harsh, but it's also true.)

    12. A boar bristle brush designed to evenly distribute all 👏 that 👏 oil from root to tip because oil at your roots = super flat hair. Detangling and volumizing at the same time? Talk about sorcery.

    13. An Amika dry shampoo free of any talc or aluminum! Instead, a natural rice starch will absorb oil and add body — it'll be almost as if you just shampooed, conditioned, and scrunched volumizing mousse into your hair this morning.

    14. A Davines sea salt spray for that tousled, messy, my-hair-is-naturally-this-voluminous look. Just apply this to damp hair and trick everyone into thinking you were just at the beach.

    15. A teasing brush with tourmaline-enhanced nylon bristles to really thicken each strand of hair. Plus, the tapered handle makes fixing (or switching) your part into a breeze.

    16. A Bed Head curling wand that lets you create loose, beachy, voluminous waves in mere nanoseconds — even if your mane is off the stubborn, stick straight variety.

    17. An Aveda volumizing conditioner formulated with kaolin clay and Acacia gum, both of which work together to create amazing body and bounce. PLUS, the scent is incredible: Be prepared to envelop your senses with peppermint, jasmine, palmarosa, ylang ylang, and other pure flower essences every time you step into the shower.

    18. An EVA NYC conditioning mask that contains keravis protein and argan oil to repair and strengthen your 'do. This fabulous jar gives dry hair some much-needed hydration sans adding a tub of grease (which would completely take away any volume).

    19. A Rusk amplifier spray perfect for anyone with thin, lifeless hair: Just a spritz of this wheat protein formula through towel-dried hair will make the 🌎 of a difference.

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