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29 Products For Anyone Whose Favorite Food Is Pizza

Take another little pizza my heart now babaaay.

Charlotte Gomez / BuzzFeed

We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a small share of sales from the links on this page.

1. String lights to brighten your your room and also your life.

Get these lights from Amazon for $27.99.

2. A yoga mat to help you get through Warrior 1 and 2.


Get this yoga mat from Modcloth for $39.99.

3. A pizza party shirt because pizza is the only candidate we believe in.

Get this pizza party shirt from Shop BuzzFeed for $30.

4. A scissor that will give you goosebumps by gliding through pizza like wrapping paper.

The euphoria experienced when scissors glide through wrapping paper is nothing compared to the euphoria experienced when scissors glide through pizza.

Get this pizza cutter on Amazon for $11.

5. Pizza sneakers to wear en route to your favorite pizzeria.

Maybe they'll even help you walk off all those calories. Who knows? The possibilities are endless.

Get these sneakers from Saks Fifth Avenue for $75.

6. A handy guide that tells you where to find heaven.

It actually tells you where to find pizza. But pizza, heaven, same diff.

Get this book from Urban Outfitters for $19.95 or Amazon for $20.36.

7. A portable phone charger to make you feel a little better when your phone dies out of nowhere.[]=search%7Cpizza&ref=search&pos=0

I HATE MY PHONE IT'S–oh look, a pepperoni slice.

Get this charger from Fab for $39.99.

8. A sweater to help keep pizza close to your heart.

Get this sweater from Forever21 for $15.90.

9. A frisbee to fool friends into believing you're physically active.

Yeah bro, I love frisbee. This frisbee in particular.

Get this frisbee from Asos for $16.12.

10. A recipe book that may prevent you from speed-dialing delivery every night.

Yay! Making your own dinner! So adult!

Get this book from Amazon for $11.54 or Urban Outfitters for $12.95.

11. Pajamas that explain your need for pizza, not unnecessary opinions.

Talk to the hand cuz the face don't wanna listen. Unless your name is Pizza.

Get these pajamas from Asos for $61.27.

12. A pin that makes any outfit look way less basic.

Get this pin set from Nasty Gal for $12.

13. A mason jar to help get rid of the annoying pennies jingling in your pocket.

Get this pizza fund mason jar from Hot Topic for $10.32.

14. A birthday banner to justify having a pizza party in your mid-twenties.

Ain't no party like a pizza party.

Get this banner from SunshineandClovers on Etsy for $25.

15. A keychain that proves you and pizza have an unbreakable bond.

Get this keychain from Various Projects for $15.

16. A mug that is pretty damn clever.

Get this mug from Look Human for $15.20.

17. A gym bag that lists two high priorities, in order.

Get this gym bag from Nylon Shop for $25.

18. A welcome mat to keep unwanted company away.

Get this welcome mat from ShopJosieB on Etsy for $44.

19. One-of-a-kind washi tape to make your DIY fails a lot more attractive.

Get this washi tape from PaperPeridotDesigns on Etsy for $1.

20. A sleeping bag that might persuade you to go on a camping trip. Might.

Get this sleeping bag from Bfiberandcraft on Etsy for $200.

21. Pizza plates that can be stored in a pizza box.

This is revolutionary.

Get this pizza plate set from Amazon for $18.68.

22. A silver spoon with a very powerful message.

When you say you love someone more than pizza then you must really love them.

Get this spoon from DazzlingDezignz4U on Etsy for $18.

23. A pretty zip case with a friendly reminder.

Get this case from BreakoutPressCo on Etsy for $6.

24. A trendy beanie that reveals your deepest desires.

Get this beanie from ResilienceStreetwear on Etsy for $18.81.

25. A ring set that will give people evil eye if they try to steal your pizza.

Get this ring set from Bijouxdemaki on Etsy for $5.10.

26. A pizza necklace that will steal a pizza your heart.

Get this necklace on WildflowerandCompany on Etsy for $24.

27. Plastic zip bags that will make you say, "Yay! Leftovers!"

Get these storage bags from Amazon for $9.99.

28. A pizza cutter that will give you a slice of love.

Get this pizza cutter set from Wayfair for $24.80.

29. A pizza pillow usually not meant for Muggles.

But I guess you, pizza's significant other, are an exception.

Get this pillow from Look Human for $27.20.

You and pizza forever.

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