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29 Products For Anyone Whose Favorite Food Is Pizza

Take another little pizza my heart now babaaay.

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4. A scissor that will give you goosebumps by gliding through pizza like wrapping paper.

The euphoria experienced when scissors glide through wrapping paper is nothing compared to the euphoria experienced when scissors glide through pizza.

Get this pizza cutter on Amazon for $11.

6. A handy guide that tells you where to find heaven.

It actually tells you where to find pizza. But pizza, heaven, same diff.

Get this book from Urban Outfitters for $19.95 or Amazon for $20.36.


9. A frisbee to fool friends into believing you're physically active.


12. A pin that makes any outfit look way less basic.


23. A pretty zip case with a friendly reminder.


25. A ring set that will give people evil eye if they try to steal your pizza.

26. A pizza necklace that will steal a pizza your heart.


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