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25 Products For The Happy Couple In Your Life

Oh, get a room.

1. A scrapbook for all the wannabe Ellie and Carls in your life.

2. A bucket list kit for the adventurous couple who always has great date night ideas.

3. Smittens that guarantee I'll never let go, Jack. I'll never let go. Even when it's cold outside. Say, as cold as the ocean.

4. Personalized jewelry dishes that commemorate where their love-at-first-sight relationship began.

5. A Slanket that is basically an extension of the Snuggie. A snuggie for two, if you will.

6. A heartfelt card for the couple still experiencing the "honeymoon" phase.

7. A porcelain tea set that lets them share their entire life, cups of tea included.

8. An activity book for the "You hang up." "No you hang up!" variety of lovebirds.

9. Pillowcases that explain what a great relationship really is.

10. A headphone splitter that lets them listen to "Unchained Melody" without disturbing anyone else.

11. Undies for anyone who is sick of basic lingerie.

12. His and hers key holders that prevent fighting about misplaced keys.

13. A burlap print that describes typical Saturday night activities since meeting your significant other.

14. Keychains that literally give away the key to your heart.

15. Planner stickers that make Netflix dates seem like an event.

16. The Snuggie Sutra for anyone who needs further proof that the Snuggie is cozy and sexy.

17. Fairy tale mugs that turn Valentine's Day into a year-round celebration of love.

18. T-shirts for the couple that spots one another at the gym.

19. Personalized candles that recognize your favorite #goals couple for the saints they are.

20. King and queen glasses that are probably used at Buckingham Palace.

21. A Let's Play Doctor game. But for adults.

22. An Armadillow pillow that will take away all the pain caused by couch snuggling.

23. Salt and pepper shakers that resemble any couple who's relationship has lasted for 2+ years.

24. A super ~cheesy~ art print that's a ~grate~ gift for any pun-loving pair.

25. Pillowcases that (I admit it, okay) are really freakin' adorable.

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