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    Meet The Bralette That'll Actually Fit Anyone With A D Cup

    It offers *stifles sobs* the perfect amount of support β€” and the same design is now available as a bikini top.

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    Attention, lovers of lingerie and things that actually fit! This bralette is specifically designed for dames-who-wear-Ds.

    @wearlively / Via

    Have you ever seen a lacy bralette at a store, held it up to the light, and thought, "This will work! Let me try it on!" With a heart full of optimism, you proceed to the fitting room with colorful lace in hand until you realize something very important: a piece of flimsy material will offer absolutely no support for your D cups. HOWEVER! There is a glimmer of hope for those of us who struggle to find comfortable undergarments.

    What is it: LIVELY is an online shop that specializes in affordable lingerie, and it carries a product specifically made for girls whose breast friends are a D cup. The "Busty Bralette" is designed with strong straps and an under-the-boob elastic band for added support. Plus, mesh detailing and a super soft material make for some serious comfort.

    Prices and sizing: It costs $35 for one, but there's a special promo that allows you to purchase two for $55. The size one fits a 32DD, 32DDD, 34D, 34DD cups, the size two 34DDD, 36D, 36DD, and 36DDD cups, and the size three fits 38D, 38DD, 38DDD, 40D, and 40DD cups.

    I decided to try out the size one (I usually wear a 34DD) to see if it follows through on its promise of magic and joy.

    And guess what? The Busty Bralette is what Ms. McGuire is referencing when she's singing about what dreams are made of β€” like, this harmonious blend of comfort and support is literally made of pixie dust and dream particles. / Via @wearlively

    Despite applying and reapplying my SPF 900, I still managed to get burnt to a crisp last week while at the beach. And of course, burns hurt β€” so the idea of putting something other than Aloe Vera on my skin (ex. a tight-fitting bra) seemed like torture. But like the wise Rihanna once said, you really can find love in a hopeless place... and I did. The material of the busty bralette was so soft that it didn't chafe or irritate my burnt skin at all.

    It basically looks like I'm wearing my favorite t-shirt bra, except I don't want to rip it off after .5 seconds of wear. Another ~we have a winner~ moment? The above bralette now comes in LACE. Gorgeous, gorgeous lace. / Via @lively

    Unlike most of the I'm-comfy-I-swear undergarments I've tried in the past, this one actually gives the kind of push-up I get when wearing my favorite t-shirt bra: not too much, but just enough. The straps are adjustable and there's a back-hook closure, meaning it's easy to adjust the tightness of the band. The plunge style and thin straps also ensure that the bralette won't be visible to the world when wearing a V-neck shirt. Basically, this bralette is perfect for all occasions: going out, sleeping, watching Harry Potter Freeform marathons, etc.

    Now, the D+ options at Lively don't stop there. They've upgraded their selection to t-shirt bras, no-wire push-up bras, and seamless bralettes (designed to offer even more support) β€” all for $35! Practically free considering how much a typical underwire costs, am I right?


    Get the t-shirt bra here and the seamless bralette here.

    Now, drumroll please, because I have even more exciting news for those of you who struggle to find a bikini top in you don't feel as if you're spilling out of. Are you ready for said exciting news?



    The busty bralette is also available as a bikini top β€” and yes, is designed with the same amount of comfort, support, and love as the original. / Via @wearlively

    The top comes in nine different colors and patterns, and cost $45.

    Browse the ~busty~ swim tops here.

    Without further ado, I wish you a happy shopping spree and good luck on not purchasing the entire Lively online store.

    You, realizing your breast friends can have support and comfort:


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