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    35 Inexpensive Shoes You'll Want On Your Feet Right This Second

    Sneakers, sandals, flats, and heels your toesies will want to don right this second.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. Open toe sandals available in a bunch of different colors and combos. Will you wear 'em all spring and summer? Yup.

    2. Lace-up sneakers to make you feel like you're famous — and on a stage — 24/7. They do have a platform, after all.

    3. Kitten heels prrr-fect for any occasion. Dinner parties? Check. Happy hours? Check. Work? Check. Just a ton of checks all around!

    4. Stretch fabric flip flops with over 👏 6,500 👏 reviews. To say these bad boys are a cult favorite is an understatement...

    5. Espadrille wedges that pair perfectly with your favorite spring dress. It's that beautiful (and allergy-ridden) time of year again, folks!

    6. Lace-sneakers to put a spring in your step. Literally. These botanical-inspired sneakers are the epitome of this season.

    7. Ankle strap sandals with just a teeny tiny hint of heel. Tall enough to give you some added height, short enough to still be comfy.

    8. Flip-flops made from cushioned, lightweight yoga mats. They're so comfy, ommmm pretty sure I'll wear these 24/7.

    9. Gold-tone sandals so cute, I guess you could say they're a-bow-able. These are like giving yourself a gift — wrapped in a bow and all.

    10. Embroidered cactus espadrilles that may look adorable, but they're also really uncomfortable. They're just so prickly.

    11. Block heel sandals to add a pop of color to your outfit. You know, the one that's probably all black with hints of black and just a touch of black. #shocking

    12. Heeled sandals known for being very ~go with the flow~. You can wear them with literally anything and they won't mind.

    13. Crochet slingback sandals that will become your go-to wardrobe staple — and not the office supply kind.

    14. Thong-strapped sandals loved by Sisqó, for obvious reasons.

    15. Studded heels not made for walking. They are, however, made for struttin' like you mean it. The Cheetah Girls style.

    16. Block heel sandals perfect for warm spring + summer nights. Just picture it: an outdoor dinner, wearing a sundress, wine in one hand, the other in a bread basket...

    17. T-strap vegan flats available in a gorgeous mint color (among several others). These cuties are ~mint~ for you, don't ya think?

    18. Slip-on shoes with a huge ego. All the "OMG, I love your shoes!" compliments have really gotten to them.

    19. Block heel sandals characterized by being very ~go with the flow~. You can wear them with literally anything and they won't mind.

    20. Classic ballerina flats that inspire their wearers to randomly burst out into "Swan Lake" choreography.

    21. Criss cross sandals known to randomly scream out, "FREEZE! EVERYBODY CLAP YOUR HANDS!"

    22. Iridescent heels that any self-respecting, fashion-forward mermaid would want to wear. If they had legs, that is.

    23. Flip flops complete with a cushioned footbed to keep your piggies comfy allll throughout the warm weather months.

    24. Metallic mules that are better than a golden ticket. Dear Willy Wonka, can you give these away instead?

    25. Flower slide sandals you'll want to ~slide~ right onto your feet, as if they were an Instagram DM or something.

    26. Block heels for anyone who needs extra motivation to go out. Clubs suck, but these shoes don't! And you need to wear 'em somewhere!

    27. Slip-on woven sandals everyone will be asking to borrow. Will you let them? HECK TO THE NO.

    28. Super lightweight sneakers you won't even mind running errands in. These will turn grocery shopping into an (almost) fun experience.

    29. Cutout peep toe booties that are — wait for it — actually comfortable. Let's get a warm round of applause for these shoes, folks!

    30. High-top sneakers obsessed with karaoke. Their favorite song? 🎶 SHE'S SO HIGGGGGGGH, HIGH ABOVE ME... 🎶

    31. Snake-inspired flats you'll be able to wear with any outfit. With the exception of sweatpants and pajamas! Maybe.

    32. Rain boots because rain won't go away and come back another day just because you asked it to — but at least these will keep your feet dry!

    33. Floral heels that require sunlight, water, and carbon dioxide. They're high-mainentance, but so worth it.

    34. A pair of tried-and-true Birkenstock sandals because your feet deserve nothing but the best. Both comfort and support.

    35. Floral embroidered espadrilles ... AKA wearable pieces of art that may be sold to the Met. The negotiations are happening.

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