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20 Bridesmaid Dresses You Can Get On Amazon That Your Friends Will Actually Want To Wear

::immediately shares with future bridesmaid squad::

1. An elegant mermaid dress that Ariel would wear if she got sick of the whole seashell look.

Do you know why Ariel wanted to be where the people are? So she could wear this dress.

Promising review: "I ordered these for my bridesmaids TWO days before my wedding. My seamstress was supposed to have custom made their dresses and much to my dismay, she only had one out of six done before my big day. So I scrambled to find dresses at the last minute β€” and Amazon did not let me down!! Thank you! They fit perfectly and the material is great quality!" β€”Danny B

Available in sizes Sβ€”XXL. / Available in six colors.

2. A strapless number with a corset back, meaning you won't be hoisting up your cleavage every five seconds. Hooray!

Promising review: "My best friend chose this dress for her bridesmaids and maid of honor β€” we all absolutely love the dress and colors! She chose mint green for the bridesmaids and turquoise for her maid of honor." β€”Aubrey Schumaker

Available in sizes 2β€”18. / Available in 29 colors.

3. A cocktail dress whose namesake symbolizes the best part of any wedding: cocktail hour.

Promising review: "I ordered this dress for my Maid of Honor, and I was very happy with quality of the dress. It fit perfectly to her measurements, the color was great, and the fabric was what I hoped for." β€”Amazon Customer

Available in sizes 2β€”28. / Available in 25 other colors.

4. A beaded dress that screams, "Forget the bride, take pics of me!" to the photographer.

This dress literally has a voice of it's own and cannot be silenced.

Promising review: "I bought this dress for my bridesmaids and I loved how they fit! Very elegant and the material did not feel cheap at all. Will definitely purchase from here again." β€”Amazon Customer

Available in sizes 2β€”26. / Available in 14 colors.

5. A chiffon dress with the word "elegant" sewn into the tag.*

*Not really.

Promising review: "I bought this for my sister's wedding and it fit perfectly! It was very well-made and looked beautiful. Since I bought it, I know of three other people who have also bought this dress β€” and it was perfect for them, too." β€”Kelsie

Available in sizes 4β€”16. / Available in 12 colors.

6. A V-neck dress for ladies on a budget...or for when you'd rather go all out for the bachelorette party.

*raises hand in solidarity*

Promising review: "I used these as my bridesmaid dresses for my wedding; all the girls loved the way they fit! The dresses looked great on everyone, and I definitely recommend." β€”Amazon Customer

Available in sizes Sβ€”XXL.

7. A sleeveless dress that has answered your "help me, I'm poor" prayers.

I just want you to know that the urge to quote Bridesmaids is very strong and impossible to ignore.

Promising review: "Great bridesmaids dress! Perfect fit for very differently sized and shaped women, flattering all around, and really good quality for the price." β€”Miss Melisa

Available in sizes 4β€”16. / Available in 17 other colors.

8. A '50s-inspired swing dress designed to ensure a night filled with jitterbugs.

Promising review: "I absolutely love it! This dress is going to be used for my bridal party in April, and I cannot wait to see my bridesmaids dressed up in this beautiful and affordable dress." β€”EstherElena22

Available in sizes XSβ€”XXL. / Available in nine other colors.

9. A gown that will make any bridesmaid look in the mirror and say, "You are more beautiful than Cinderella!"

Promising review: "I ordered these for my bridesmaids, and they are beautiful! Make sure to order two sizes up, because they do fit small." β€”Alison Avance

Available in sizes 2β€”28. / Available in 24 other colors.

10. A lace dress with a wrap belt to accentuate the heck outta every bridal party member.

Two words: Heart eyes.

Promising review: "I purchased these in red as bridesmaid dresses for my December wedding and my girls looked beautiful in them. I would definitely purchase them again β€” they were absolutely worth every penny!" β€”Amazon Customer

Available in sizes Sβ€”3X. / Available in black and red.

11. A floral dress that is perfect for any spring wedding. In fact, it's groundbreaking.

Do you hear me, Miranda Priestly?

Promising review: "I love this dress! I wore this to a black-tie wedding and got more compliments than I ever have on a piece of clothing." β€”Melissa

Available in sizes 2β€”24. / Available in three other styles.

12. A ruched gown for every member of your bridal party, even the Annie/Kristen Wiig of your friend group.

Promising review: "My daughter decided to buy six of these dresses for the bridesmaids of her wedding. They got all the details with sizes to match each of the bridesmaids and all the dresses fit perfectly; no adjustments were needed and everyone was satisfied." β€”Errol

Available in sizes 4β€”16. / Available in 13 other colors.

13. A one-shoulder dress with a flower design. You know, so it feels like everyone caught the bouquet.

Promising review: "This is a beautiful dress! I ordered my usual size and it fits perfectly. Plenty of length for me to wear it with heels β€” I might actually need to hem it a bit at the bottom. Can't wait to be a bridesmaid in my friend's wedding this spring!" β€”Carrie Holly

Available in sizes 4β€”16. / Available in 11 other colors.

14. A beaded dress that'll contribute to any fairytale wedding.

Promising review: "I really love the style of this dress for my bridesmaids! It's long enough to wear with very high heels, and it comes in a wide range of sizes." β€”KayP

Available in sizes 2β€”24. / Available in 8 other colors and styles.

15. A knee-length dress with illusion and floral detailing that Aria would choose for her wedding with Mr. Fitz.

Aria/Lucy Hale from Pretty Little Liars. Also, they better end up together.

Promising review: "Wore this to my sister's wedding and got many compliments on this dress. The fit was perfect and looked wonderful!" β€”Madison Keller

Available in sizes Sβ€”3X. / Available in navy blue.

16. An open back dress that is the fashion equivalent of a mullet: business in the front, party in the back.

Except this dress is 10000x more gorgeous than a mullet. Obviously.

Promising review: "I loved this dress! I ordered this dress for four of my bridesmaids, all of whom have different body types β€” this dress looked great on each one. The sellers were absolutely amazing and accommodated each and every request we made." β€”Josie Benfield

Available in sizes 2β€”26. / Available in 20 other colors.

17. A Grecian-style dress suitable for any big, fat wedding. Will also make you say to the bride, "bride, why you want to leave me?"

My Big Fat Greek Wedding: hands down the best movie of our time.

Promising review: "This dress is glorious, the fabric feels expensive, and the chiffon makes you look like you're floating! I love this dress, and cannot wait to wear it to my sister-in-laws wedding!" β€”Amazon Customer

Available in sizes 4β€”16. / Available in 10 other colors.

18. An elegant gown that'll make you want to become a wedding crasher. Why? So you could wear it all the time.

Promising review: "These dresses were absolutely beautiful! When the shipment arrived, they were exactly like what the website had displayed. I stood as the Maid of Honor at my friend's wedding, and had the task of choosing a gown for myself and the other bridesmaids." β€”Klethea Hall

Available in sizes 2β€”26. / Available in 17 other colors.

19. A one-shoulder dress for any ~elegant~ bridesmaid who's here to get a new profile picture.

Being dressed in a wedding AKA finally having decent pictures of yourself AKA finally changing your profile picture.

Promising review: "Got this dress for my cousin's wedding β€” we all looked amazing in it!" β€”Amazon Customer

Available in sizes 4β€”16. / Available in 11 other colors.

20. A swing dress that could be worn for 27 weddings in a row. It would've really helped Katherine Heigl/Jane.

Has anyone here been a bridesmaid in 27 weddings? If so, can I borrow some of your dresses?

Promising review: "I absolutely LOVE this dress! I bought it for a wedding in June, and have worn it at least four additional times. It looks great on all body types!" β€”ReginaMPelayo

Available in sizes Sβ€”XXL. / Available in 17 other colors.

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