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36 Adorable Products For People Who Love Elephants

*initiate using your arm as an elephant trunk*

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2. String lights that don't need the convenience of a nearby outlet.

4. Removable wall decals that aren't a hassle to put on and take off.


9. A travel mug to keep your coffee (and heart) warm.

10. A cutlery drainer that can be used in either your bathroom or your kitchen.


12. An engraved rolling pin that takes baking cookies to a whole new artistic level.

16. A succulent holder that is perfect for both indoor and outdoor gardens.


18. Pink wall hooks that liven up any room.


23. A wine glass that is almost too pretty to fill with liquid.

29. A reusable shopping bag that is good for the environment.

30. A personalized planner to help you get your life together.

32. A ring that you can wear on the daily.

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