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Bath & Body Works Is Re-Releasing Your Favorite Retired Scents

♫ Pearberry's back, ALRIGHT ♫

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Remember middle school? That magical time in your life when you sought to exude maturity in whatever way possible. And the best way to do that, of course, was by spritzing yourself with the most sophisticated of products: Bath & Body Works body splashes.

Because before dousing yourself with "Princess" by Vera Wang, you doused yourself with Sensual Amber.

Cucumber Melon was my personal go-to, and I shed a little tear every time I think of our good times together: middle school dances, Applebee's dinner dates, etc.

@tillyneon / Via

Applebee's = the fancy steakhouse of my youth.

I was therefore devastated when I realized that Cucumber Melon, the scent of my entire Avril Lavigne-obsessed CHILDHOOD, was being pulled from shelves.

20th Television

However, it is time to rejoice! Because this month, Bath & Body Works is re-releasing ten classic scents. Including...

...Cucumber Melon, Country Apple, Sun-Ripened Raspberry, Freesia, Plumeria, Pearberry, Juniper Breeze, Brown Sugar & Fig, Dark Kiss, and Sensual Amber.

And while they've brought back these scents before, I am still unhealthily excited about the fact that I can smell like a cucumber melon hybrid once again.

These TBTs are available from now until the end of June during the store's semi-annual sale, where you can save up to 75% on your favorite products.

@_shell_rose_ / Via

I am particularly excited about the 50% off deal on their three-wick candles, which light up my life. Pun completely intended.

Me, realizing that it's officially time to stock up on hand soaps and lotions.

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  1. Which of the below body splashes did you REFUSE to leave your house without?

    Because brushing your teeth and smelling like a dark kiss were both equally important.

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Which of the below body splashes did you REFUSE to leave your house without?
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    Cucumber Melon
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    Country Apple
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    Sun-Ripened Raspberry
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    vote votes
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    Brown Sugar & Fig
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    Dark Kiss
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    Sensual Amber
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    Juniper Breeze
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