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All The Best Deals On The Internet Today

Deals at Nasty Gal, Society6, Bloomingdale's, and more!

Alice Mongkongllite / BuzzFeed

We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a small share of sales from the links on this page.

1. 63% off a stainless steel French Press on Amazon.

Get it here.

2. 30% off almost everything at Nasty Gal.,

Get the jacket here and the lipstick here.

3. 20% off all dresses at Urban Outfitters.,

Get the first dress here and the second dress here.

4. Up to 70% off select items at Bloomingdale's.|BOOST SAVED SET|BOOST ATTRIBUTE%26spc%3D6040%26rsid%3D1927%26pn%3D1|68|35|6040,|BOOST SAVED SET%26spc%3D984%26rsid%3D1927%26pn%3D1|11|4|984

Get the jumpsuit here and the earrings here.

5. 30% off at The Body Shop.,

Get the body butter here and the banana shampoo here.

6. 40% off all outerwear at Gap.,

Enter promo code WARMER at checkout.

Get the first coat here and the second coat here.

7. Up to 40% off at West Elm.

Get this duvet cover here.

8. Up to 40% off at Old Navy.,

Use promo code THANKYOU at checkout.

Get the jacket here and the sweater here.

9. 52% off foldable headphones on Amazon.

Get this pair here.

10. 50% off select shoes at Lola Shoetique.,

Enter promo code HOTSAUCE at checkout.

Get the first pair here and the second pair here.

11. 15% off (plus free shipping) on select items at Society6.

Get this alpaca throw blanket here.

12. 25% off clothing and accessories at Macy's.|BS|BA%26slotId%3D1,|BS%26slotId%3D11

Enter promo code LOOKS at checkout.

Get the zip-up here and the bag here.

13. 25% off orders over $80 at Make Me Chic.,

Enter promo code LOVE25 at checkout.

Get the dress here and the skirt here.

14. Up to 70% off lounge at Victoria's Secret.,

Get the leggings here and the sweatpants here.

15. Up to 50% off select styles (plus all jeans for $25) at Hollister.,

Get the shirt here and the jeans here.

16. Up to 30% on Outdoor Power Tools at Amazon.

Get the hedge trimmer here.

17. Get a $15 reward code when you sign up for the rewards program at Zappos.

Get these sneakers here.

18. Up to 50% off athletic and activewear at 6PM.,

Get the hoodie here and the leggings here.

19. 61% off a digital kitchen scale on Amazon.

Get this scale here.

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