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All The Best Deals From The Nordstrom Sale

Popcorn makers, ridiculously gorgeous dresses, warm scarves, and a bunch of other stuff you'll want ASAP.

1. A gown suited for the New Year's Eve ball you're attending.

2. Embroidered beanies that look like the nap you really want to take.

3. A denim backpack with patches that make commuting seem like less of a drag.

4. Corset-style booties that dress up any old outfit.

5. Skinny jeans that you will probably live in, even on laundry day.

6. A popcorn maker that is a must-have for any Star Wars movie marathon.

7. Vibrant lipsticks that will make you want to kiss your reflection in the mirror.

8. A faux-leather moto jacket that embraces your inner badass.

9. Backpacks that will make you want to book a weekend trip ASAP.

10. A faux-fur scarf that you will want to wear to ~infinity~ and beyond.

11. Stretch denim skinny jeans that will flatter your curves and enhance your assets.

12. A sweater featuring bell sleeves that will bRING you joy.

13. A woven shirt that can transition from I'm-at-work-days to let's-hit-the-bar nights.

14. A chalkboard globe that makes it possible to have the whole world in your hands.

15. Anoraks that make rainy days feel a little less blah.

16. A wool peacoat that is a timeless piece of clothing for any closet.

17. Crushed velvet off-the-shoulder tops that guarantee to ~crush~ any outfit.

18. An iPhone 7 case that will keep your phone safe from scuffs, scratches, and, hopefully, real bugs.

19. Comfy boyfriend jeans that you don't have to steal from your significant other.

20. A dri-fit top that will motivate you to actually do the workout video collecting dust on your shelf.

21. A jeweled clutch fit for queens, like the one you are.

22. A velvet midi dress that is perfect for a rainy day. And by rainy day, I mean a spontaneous night out.

23. A skincare set that will help you get the I-don't-even-wear-makeup-I-just-glow look.

24. A customizable light that brings your favorite phone game to your nightstand.

25. Ugg slippers that justify never leaving your apartment, dorm, or house.

26. A laptop sleeve for anyone who wishes they were a member of Fleetwood Mac.

27. Dri-fit capris that give the middle finger to sweat and excess heat.

28. A chunky sweater with golden threads woven throughout for a fancy touch.

29. Running tights and high-waisted mesh leggings that will make you want to go for a quick jog.

30. Sunglasses you'll want to wear at night.

31. A cold-shoulder dress with a vintage floral pattern and patchwork design.

32. Drop earrings that look like lovely family heirlooms you would store in a safe.

33. A high-low dress with romantic lace overlay.

34. Running shoes with Flyknit technology that let your feet breathe.

35. A lace-up sweater that is perfect for cozy dinners and Netflix bingeing.

36. A wrap necklace that is the epitome of trendy in 2016.

37. A popcorn float that will get you pumped for summer 2017.