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    18 Virtual Airbnb Experiences For Anyone Who Misses Travel Right Now

    Make a Moroccan meal, explore a Colombian coffee farm, tour Pompei — the options are vast.

    1. What could be better than authentic Masala Chai (Indian tea) and Pakoras (Indian fritters)? Jd has been running food tours and cooking classes in Delhi for the past five years — so not only will you perfect the above recipes, but you'll also learn about the history of tea in India.

    2. Take a journey off the beaten path in Athens via virtual tour. You'll explore street in areas not frequented by tourists, all while learning a ton of Greek history along the way.

    person standing in front of wall art

    3. ~Visit~ a Barcelona workshop and design your own espadrilles. You'll first learn the history of this iconic shoe before choosing your size, laces, threads, and type of stitching — not only will you see the shoes being made, but the final product will also be shipped to your home at no extra cost!

    4. Tour an Australian farm to meet some very special animals (see below for major cuteness). You'll play a game of farm trivia and learn a ton of fun facts about each animal you virtually encounter!

    baby animal

    5. Learn about the history of Pompeii through the eyes of an archaeologist. Roberto will talk you through the city's history (both before and after the eruption of Vesuvius), plus discuss the daily life of the average ancient Roman.

    6. Coffee culture in Vietnam? 'Tis strong, pun intended. Learn all about its history (including how to brew your own Vietnamese coffee at home) with Lê, a Hanoi resident.

    glass of water and glass of coffee

    7. Cook a delicious Kenyan meal with Josephine! Between byrian with kachumbari or curry with ugali, you'll make an authentic, mouthwatering meal you'll be proud to have mastered.

    8. Calling all wizards! Journey through London and visit some prominent Harry Potter filming sites, including the Diagon Alley entrance and Ministry of Magic headquarters. You'll be treated to fun facts and and behind-the-scenes stories along the way!

    Platform 9 3/4

    9. Cook a delicious, traditional Moroccan meal of chicken tajine (including vegetables and fresh salad!) with a local Moroccan family. Is your mouth watering? Because mine certainly is.

    chicken Tajine with vegetables and a fresh Moroccan salad

    10. Raise the ~barre~ when it comes to at-home quarantine workouts. How? Sign up for a virtual barre class that's streamed from the Sydney Opera House — it can't get much more travel-friendly than that.

    11. After the 1986 nuclear disaster at Chernobyl, many dogs were left behind. Join radiation specialist Lucas Hixson to learn about the Dogs of Chernobyl* program before virtually visiting the Unit 4 reactor.

    Lucas petting a dog

    12. Make the best dishes known to man (in my humble opinion): gnocchi and ravioli. You'll learn the ins and outs of pasta dough and potato dumplings, plus make pesto from scratch.

    13. It's about time you became a ~vino~ expert. This course will walk you through a Porto winery and teach you everything you need to know: how wine is made, the difference between red and white, how to pair wine with food, and what to look for when buying wine.

    hand holding glass of white wine

    14. Pretend you're in Barcelona (*ahem* Barth-elona) by whipping up a delicious, authentic paella. Helina will walk you through every step, ensuring your meal tastes as delicious as it would at her own family restaurant.

    15. Be a part of the NYC art scene...sort of. No drawing skills are required to take this visual artist-lead sketch class that acts as an exercise in imagination and creativity.

    person sitting in front of drawing

    16. Perfect the traditional caipirinha (a blend of lime, sugar, ice, and the Brazilian spirit, cachaça). You'll also get a ton of suggestions for visiting Rio, which you'll want to keep in your back pocket until you can safely travel again.

    three glasses of fruity caipirinha

    17. Sad you can't frequent galleries at the moment? Create your own artwork inspired by the likes of Miró, Picasso, Dalí, and Gaudí! You'll learn a bit about each artist's techniques before delving into a masterpiece of your own.

    18. A coffee farm in the Colombian mountains? Sounds like bliss. You'll encounter coffee trees, cherry harvesting, and — best of all — will be shown how to roast and grind beans to make the perfect cup of coffee at home.

    coffee beans

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    illustrated buildings