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27 Gifts Only People Who Love Art Will Appreciate

And they don't cost that much... Monet.

1. A heat-changing mug that reveals the human form in all its glory.

2. Feetaso socks that are inspired by the Toebism art movement.

3. A Venus de Wino bottle stopper that uses the goddess of love to protect your favorite beverage.

4. A Salvador Dali watch that is so cool, it's surreal.

5. Frida Kahlo sticky notes that are way better than your average Post-it pad.

6. A pillow cover inspired by the infamous painting "Girl With the Hubba Bubba Gum."

7. A hoodie that you'll never want to let Gogh of.

8. A coloring book that lets you re-create your favorite works of art.

9. An art print that shows Alice admiring the work of Jackson Pollock.

10. A computer decal that resembles the infamous "Son of Mac" painting.

11. A book that details prominent works of art, as well as the historical context behind them.

Get it from Amazon for $40.

12. A catapult kit that lets you follow in the footsteps of da Vinci himself.

13. A clock that will let you ~Remembrant~ important art history moments in chronological order.

14. A pop-art poster of the Notorious RGB that Andy Warhol would approve of.

15. A book that reveals conversations between Jeff Koons and art curator Sir Norman Rosenthal.

16. A phone case that will inspire you to create a self-portrait. A selfie, if you will.

17. A T-shirt of Clawed Monet, famous for works such as "Meowquet of Sunflowers" and "Catnip on the Grass."

18. Art history lollipops that you may feel too guilty to eat.

19. A heat-changing mug that likes to play a disappEARing act.

20. Shot glasses that show "The Creation of Adam," or whatever the name of your alter ego may be.

21. Retirements that provide a ~minty fresh~ take on "American Gothic."

22. Socks for feet that are in desperate need of intellectual stimulation.

23. A book that contains the paper doll forms of renowned artists.

24. A 2017 calendar inspired by "The Great Wave Off Kanagawa."

25. A shirt that increases the mystery behind the already mysterious "Mona Lisa."

26. Wood art for the person who loves art history but is also obsessed with pugs.

27. A candle that smells like "The Garden of Earthly Delights" and Bosch's studio.

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