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The REAL Ladies' Day At The French Open?

Organizers of the tennis tournament decided to designate one of the tennis tournaments 14 days a "Ladies' Day." This meant no-boys-allowed events, a bright pink court, and lots of other pink stuff. If they want to play like that, I'll show them the REAL ladies day: Rafael Nadal's semi-shirtless match.

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This pink court was the symbol of "Ladies' Day" at the French open yesterday. In addition to the pink court, women were invited to no-men-allowed events at the Village de la Femme where they could get their nails painted pink and play with makeup. The drink of the day was pink champagne. This was the tournament's first such "Ladies Day," and met with understandable offense by women sports reporters attending the event. Joanne Gerstner writes for ESPN:

...somebody thought it was a genius idea to go heavy on the pink to drive the theme home. Because all females love pink and live to be Elle from "Legally Blonde."

Like, no way!

Which brings up the question of the day: Should we, as ladies, be happy to be recognized or offended at the intimation the other 13 days of the French Open are by default "Men's Day"?

She went on to add that the even made "no recognition of women as making up half the athletes at the French Open." The amazing female athlete's competing include: Chris Evert, Steffi Graf, Serena and Venus Williams, Suzanne Lenglen, and more.

Well, the French Tennis Federation wants to play like that? That's what they think ladies want? A village just for us with free manis guarded by men in pink polos? Well they may as well have wall-papered the grounds with images of the hot male players not wearing shirts! To prove my point: here are some images of Rafael Nadal playing his match today on a not-pink court, shirt blowing up to reveal his abs before he removed it entirely. Maybe TODAY is the real ladies' day.