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The Best Part About Madonna's New Video For "Turn Up The Radio"

It involves Madonna riding in the back of a convertible, legs akimbo, wearing leather shorts cut to granny panty proportions and a cross resting on her cleavage. But really — it gets interesting if you stick with it!

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This video is so simple that Madonna's one outfit change involves taking off her leather jacket and sunglasses — and Cee-Lo and his sparkly muu muu are nowhere to be seen. Instead we get a contortionist dancer, a hipster shirtless type wearing flag shorts, and a gas station, all shot with some sort of Instagram-looking filter (of course). It's the Williamsburg (Brooklyn) Riviera.


But it gets more interesting. Promise!

First, Madonna's givin' us all her cleavage, which feels a little important in an age where fashion designers won't.

Less important, but still notable, was the requisite modern diva display of the rock-solid engineering of her leather crotch, which reveals nary a stray vagina.


But the best part of the whole video? The extras:

I think the dude in particular has pretty spectacular style.

It's like he took everything offensive sold in mall kiosks in the southwest — reflector shades, boot necklace, rust-colored chenille shawl, colored bootcut pants — added a hookah and turned it into something really unexpected and wonderful. Him and two back-up lady wackies alone make the video worth it.

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