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Chloe Sevigny Needs To Do This More Often

She modeled in the show for her clothing line, which came with live music by "IUD," signs that said stuff like "goat pussy," and super awkward model dancing.

If you are still instagraming the shows you risk being out of style faster than a pair of liquid leggings. That's right, it's all about Vine now, because when you Vine something you don't need a dumpy filter over top to camouflage how lousy camera phone photos of fashion shows can get, from the front row or fourth. Also, really, what's the point when everything is posted live to the Times, and now anyway? Maybe Chloe Sevigny and Opening Ceremony anticipated this pivotal change in how people would share their experiences at fashion shows on, because if there was a show to be Vined, hers was it.

The presentation of Sevigny's fall 2013 Opening Ceremony line, taking place at St. Mark's Church in Manhattan's east village, included bands situated around the perimeter of the room, with models dancing stoned-like on platforms in the center. The bands took turns playing, while other models stood there in front of them, with an expression of slightly more distressed boredom than you encounter on most runways. They also hold signs that said things like "TIME TO HAVE SEX" near other posters that said stuff like "GOAT PUSSY." Was Fox News invited? I sure hope so.

(Chloe is second from the right.)

As for the clothes we were supposed to be looking at? They fit in so well with everything going on — from the live music to Chloe avoiding interviews by modeling to the guests invited — that it was easy to forget that they were supposed to be why we were all there. But the show was a savvy acknowledgment of the fact that a fashion show is only partly about the clothes. These days, it's mostly a huge eccentric scene — a weeklong stream of six second memories.

And lots of stoned dancing. Don't forget about the stoned dancing.