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9 Very Complicated Diva Outfits From London's Wireless Festival

Jessie J., Rihanna, and many more performed in London's Hyde Park wearing more layers, nail art, and statement hosiery than we've seen in the past 12 issues of Nylon combined. Let's take a look at their wild performance attire.

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No longer is it enough to wear a pair of jean shorts that are missing a waistband, ripped, and bedazzled. No longer is it enough to wear jean shorts that are dramatically fringed. Now, with so many jort styles exhausted, divas must turn to creatively engineering their jorts. When we look at them we must wonder things like, how is that Daffy Duck beach towel attached to her bottoms? And, do those tights go inside the leg hole or are they attached to the bottom of the jorts via garter? Looks like this are a lot of work for all of us, really.


3. Cher Lloyd

This up-and-coming artist is a sign of how much the times have changed in diva clothing land. It used to be enough to slip on a sparkly leotard and a pair of support hose and call it a day. But now a diva outfit is not complete without some hairy stuff hanging off it. And lace-up ankle boots.


5. Nicki Minaj

It's hard to be sure but it looks like she's wearing a Muppet shrug and skirt made of patterned baby diaper fabric, which I guess would be waterproof and help prevent staining should she have to go near the mud people.