36 Most Amazingly Elaborate Miss Universe Costumes

It's the pageant that puts every other pageant ever to serious shame. Victoria's Secret Fashion Show WHO?

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4. Miss Slovak Republic — Least Shiny

Miss Universe Organization L.P., LLLP / AP

At an event like this, shunning all diamonds, crystals, and sequins is truly radical. Bold move indeed.

5. Miss South Africa — Best Way Not to Lose a Shoe

Miss Universe Organization L.P., LLLP / AP

Wear your asymmetrical body stocking OVER it. Then proceed to place concentration on attractive carriage of scepter.

11. Miss Norway — Most Jealous of Everyone Who Wore a Cape

Miss Universe Organization L.P., LLLP / AP

Now is not the time to fade into the background, Norway! This is Miss Universe, not every other day of the year.

18. Miss Netherlands — Best Way to Wear Wooden Shoes Without Actually Wearing Wooden Shoes

Handout / Reuters

Look closely at her catsuit and you'll notice those aren't blue butterflies, they're SHOES! Clever.

21. Miss Lebanon — Most Cleverly Engineered Cape

Handout / Reuters

Cape + sleeves = not your ordinary cape. Note to self: If ever in Miss Universe Pageant, do not forget to pack huge cape.

25. Miss Namibia — Most Hipster Head Accessory

Miss Universe Organization L.P., LLLP / AP

Hipsters: try to resist adding a feathered hat to your Xmas wish lists. Have you really gotten enough mileage out of your ironic turban yet?

31. Miss Great Britain — Worst Use of Flag Imagery

Handout / Reuters

Why did she not go with something royal wedding-inspired? A lace sleeved unitard or cat suit — something other than this.

The Miss Universe Pageant airs Thursday at 8 PM on NBC.