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19 Reasons Ryan Lochte Is The Best Olympian On Twitter

You know what? He's just the best. Period.

1. He has phun with spelling.

2. No one cares because he's so good-looking.

3. He abbreviates in unexpected places.

4. He frequently expresses the unfailing belief that he is presiding over a nation made in his image.

5. He's not afraid that sharing mundane information will make him seem boring/annoying.

6. This.

7. He made the world aware of his forthcoming fitness DVD.

By the way, this is the preview for the fitness DVD.

It doesn't ship until August but I am definitely buying a copy. Not necessarily to work out to it as much as hear him say things and look at his figure.

8. He's open about Olympic merchandising restrictions.

9. And shameless enough to promote the hell out of his e-store before said restrictions kick in.

By the way, these are the glasses he sells.

10. He's completely obsessed with them.

The $15 style is sold out for now.

11. He retweeted this!?!

12. He gives the kids shout-outs.

13. He likes internet animals!

14. He's mournful at times, but never melodramatic.

15. He's self-aware.

16. He only occasionally refers to himself in the third person.

17. He loves his fans so much, he's willing to do Twitter Q&As with them.

18. Adorably, he forgets the "&A" part of the equation, and just retweets a bunch of Qs.

19. But he has plans to get around to answering fan questions, eventually.