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10 Completely Awkward Moments In Men's Fashion At The Oscars

Women dominate fashion conversation at this nonsense, but the Oscars are really a time for equal opportunity judging.

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1. Seth MacFarlane's incredibly heavy makeup.

ROBYN BECK / Getty Images

Despite all the obnoxious things he had to say about women during the ceremony, he sure likes to wear a lot of our makeup. Maybe he was just preparing to hit on George Clooney before he got too old. (HA HA.)

2. The matching long hair on these three behind-the-scenes guys who won awards.

What are the odds that all three of these dudes, winning in rapid succession, would rock similarly fluffy flowing man locks? Fabio, your days are done.


5. Jamie Foxx's sparkly bow tie.

JOE KLAMAR / Getty Images

It might also have some leather in it, which is not an easy combination of materials to pull off. But only he could wear something like this and sort of actually make it look daring and cool.


And in the back, looking like it was actually in a little nubby ponytail.


But then upon closer inspection you realize that no, that isn't a ponytail, it's just the product molding his hair into the shape of a ponytail.

9. Justin Theroux having to model his clothes this far away from Jennifer Aniston at all times.

Jason Merritt / Getty Images

Because her dress was so big there was no room for anyone to stand next to her. AND SHE WONDERS WHY SHE'S THE SINGLE ONE. (Kidding, kidding.)