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    17 Little Secrets Your Hotel Room Cleaner Wish You Knew


    1. You can chill when we're in your room

    2. Housekeeping does notice thank you notes...

    3. ...and yes, we notice other stuff, too.

    4. It's the little things that help

    5. You don't have to make the bed super neatly when you leave

    6. Ask the hotel what to expect from housekeeping

    7. We almost definitely didn't take that thing you're missing

    8. In fact, most of the time we can't touch your stuff at all

    9. Ask what foreign appliances do before using them

    10. We waved goodbye to those tiny shampoos when you checked in

    11. There's a difference between messy and dirty...

    12. ...but we won't hate you for a reasonable amount of either

    13. If you loved the housekeeping service, let the hotel know!

    14. And if you didn't, you should let them know, too

    15. Some things just aren't in our job descriptions

    16. It takes a lot to make us talk about you

    17. Most of us just want to make your stay better!

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