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#NotYourAsianSidekick Unites Thousands To Discuss Asian-American Feminism And Stereotypes

"It was all of the things we were told to never talk about."

This is freelance writer Suey Park, an advocate for the Asian-American feminist and queer communities.

Last night, she scheduled a Twitter hashtag to open a conversation about Asian-American feminism.


The hashtag immediately caught on. First, to recognize the patriarchy that exists in Asian-American cultures.

It has also spurred conversations in many different directions, including toward one about white supremacy.


And difficulty with confronting mental illnesses in Asian households.


And the underrepresentation of Asian-Americans in media.


And general grievances with everyday stereotypes.


But as #NotYourAsianSidekick became a worldwide trending topic, some people took issue with the hashtag.

Park told BuzzFeed via email:

"In Asian American spaces, particularly in the non-profit sector, I have been disappointed by the narrow ways in which we define Asian American and who we leave behind by way of those narrow definitions. #NotYourAsianSidekick is a new space, in which voices of those of us marginalized and silenced within Asian American circles get to tell our stories...

My dear friends and I have had growing critiques of how patriarchy in Asian American spaces hurts, while white feminism leaves much to be desired, so we created this space instead. We talked about queerness, disability, immigration, multiracial/biracial issues, compulsory coalitions, challenging anti-blackness, mental health, body image, and all things feminism. It was all of the things we were told to never talk about."

Follow the hashtag here.

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