18 Things I'm Sick Of Teachers Doing

It's not right.

1. They grade papers AFTER hours. I mean, HOW DARE THEY work all day long and then work more at home?!

2. They work unpaid overtime.

3. Like, they stay after their working hours to give students extra help.


4. They buy their own supplies.

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($479 on average!)

5. They pay for decorations, too.

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6. They entertain students/make learning fun.

7. They answer angry emails from parents:

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8. They offer their homes:

9. They teach things that aren't in the curriculum:


10. And they give away things, knowing they'll probably never get them back:

11. They go to mandatory meetings on non-teaching days:

12. They repeat themselves constantly:

13. They attend their students' extra-curricular events:

14. They buy expensive clothes for work.


15. They host back-to-school nights and conferences for parents, which takes a lot of planning and preparation.

16. They go out of their way to make learning materials like study guides, worksheets, etc.

17. They plan field trips and out-of-classroom extra-activities:


18. And lastly, they do this all because they love what they do and they love their students:

Thank you, teachers. We don't deserve you! (And side note: those who are in charge of paying teachers/giving them money, let's get it together and give them more. Bye!)

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