39 American Girl Doll DIYs That Won't Break The Bank

Because who can afford to buy the real deal?

1. Rock Climbing Wall

Perfect for dolls who long to be on American Ninja Warrior. Find the tutorial here.

2. Tulle Skirt

Help your America Girl find her inner Cyndi Lauper with this DIY.


3. School Furniture

School's in session! Find the tutorial here.

4. Book Bag

Your doll can't go to school without a book bag. Find the DIY here.

5. School Locker

She's going to need her own locker, too. Learn how to make one here.

6. Gymnastics Bar

PVC pipe and a few other items from your local hardware store are all you need to get your doll practicing her Olympic routine. Learn more here.


7. Drinking Cups

Finally make use of all those empty bubbles containers. Learn how here.

8. Trundle Bed

Perfect for American Girl doll sleepovers. Find the how-to here.

9. Four Post Bed

You can also make a great bed out of an old end table. Find the DIY here.


10. Upholstered Sofa

Even dolls need to unwind after a long day. Find the tutorial here.

11. Doll House

Your doll is going to need a place to hold all of this furniture. Find the tutorial here.

12. Horse Stables

If you make your kid enough cool stuff like this they might stop asking for a real pony. Find the tutorial here.


13. Tepee

This DIY is an easy one based around brown butcher paper.

14. Wedding Cake

You can also learn how to make cupcakes, donuts, and Oreos here.

15. Milk Cartons

Perfect for washing down all those sweets. Find the how-to here.


16. Sleeping Bag

This DIY is an easy one for novices with limited sewing skills.

17. Booties

These boots totally look like something a trendy celeb would make for her American Girl doll. Learn how to make them here.

18. Funky Closet

For the slightly more eccentric American Girl. Find the tutorial here.


19. Clothes Rack

This is another great option for storing clothes. Find the how-to here.

20. Elsa's Ice Queen Gown From Frozen

"Let It Sew." Download the sewing pattern here for $10.95.

21. Anna's Cape And Gown From Frozen

Download the sewing pattern here for $8.95.


22. Skis And Poles

Here's another fun DIY tutorial for eternal winter, or, you know, regular winter.

23. Arm Cast

This one makes a perfect pick me up for kids who recently broke (or injured) their arm. Find the tutorial here.

24. Bath Tub

Tthis tutorial requires only dollar store items including a planter.


25. iPad Or Tablet

For tech savvy dolls. Find the tutorial here.

26. Hammock

This one can be made quickly and for just a few dollars. Find the tutorial here.

27. Music Stand

You can make this DIY out of craft sticks.

28. Handkerchief Skirt

Use your sewing machine to turn an old handkerchief into a chic skirt. According to the tutorial, the skill level for this is "patient beginner."


29. Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, And Dessert

Learn how to make all of these and more here.

30. Dishwasher

Your doll will surely need to do the dishes after all that food. Find the tutorial here.

31. Diving Mask

You can find this tutorial here, and links to tutorials for other beach items (like a bikini, beach chair, and snorkel) here.


32. Campfire

This outdoorsy DIY is made for dolls who love to go camping.

33. Camping Lantern

This lantern is especially easy to make when you've recently had a cold.

34. Bean Bag

This DIY is ideal for dolls who feel like they should have been born in the '70s.


35. Bedside Lamp

Check out the tutorial for this fun DIY made with stuff you likely already have around the house.

36. Swing

This backyard DIY can be made out of a stackable bin from the dollar store. Learn how here.

37. Chopsticks

Find the DIY plus tips for setting up an Asian themed table here.

38. Witch Costume

Learn how to make a Halloween costume for your doll here.


39. Desktop Computer

So your American Girl can get on Dollbook and catch up with her friends. Find the tutorial here.

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