These 29 Coworker Pranks Will Make You The Jim Halpert Of Your Office

Maybe check the HR pamphlet first before trying, though.

1. First of all, no office prank list would be complete without this classic stunt:


2. Or this ol' middle school standby:

3. Try getting a little creative with grass seed...
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4. Low-hanging fruit...


5. Computer monitor display settings...

6. And the keys on their keyboard...

Wait for it...

7. And never underestimate the power of a well-placed photo.


8. To turn the office into a Mission Impossible challenge, all you need is string:

9. ...which you could also use to, uh, ~tie up~ the line.

10. Zip ties are best when deployed ironically...


11. And airhorns are effective, well, anywhere...

12. Including here...

13. And definitely here...

Twitter: @Scarydad1


14. This is a surefire way to scare the bejeezus out of everyone:

15. As is this:

16. We're personally big fans of a good, sneaky redecorating...


17. As well as the strategic use of shredded paper...

18. In fact, paper products work really well when you're welcoming back a coworker from vacation...

19. And the same goes for aluminum foil...


20. But, in a pinch, plastic wrap works beautifully, too.

Twitter: @HomestyleDirect

21. Is it someone's birthday? Turn their workspace into a playplace!

Twitter: @Radcliffcpa

22. Got a cardboard cutout lying around? Position accordingly.


23. Is it Halloween? Scare the shit out of them.

24. Though if you want to really scare them...

25. Bathroom humor much encouraged.


26. As well as some amateur acrobatics...

27. And if they can't stop talking about their fabulous beach vacation, well, you know what to do:

28. And finally, when in doubt, go for a truly sensory experience.

Good luck/don't get fired!


This post was translated from German.

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