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Here's Why Amy Adams Is The New Leonardo DiCaprio


It's November, which means it's ~officially~ awards season.

Christopher Polk / Getty Images


For many years, the big question was "Will Leonardo DiCaprio win an Oscar?"

20th Century Fox / Via


In 2016, his day finally came.

Christopher Polk / Getty Images

Arguably for the wrong movie, but that's another conversation.

Now we need to talk about the "new Leo."

Carlo Allegri / Getty Images

AKA, the next person who is LONG overdue for an Oscar.



Pascal Le Segretain / Getty Images

Can you say "stunning?"

She's been nominated FIVE times.

Sony Pictures Classics / Via, Miramax Films / Via, Paramount Pictures / Via, The Weinstein Company / Via, Columbia Pictures / Via

She was also nominated for SEVEN Golden Globes (and won for American Hustle and Big Eyes).

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It should have been six Oscar nominations, though, because her performance in Arrival was breathtaking.

Paramount Pictures / Via

The movie is currently streaming on Hulu. Get on it!

Leo finally won on his 5th nomination, so Amy has officially surpassed him in losses.

Stefania M. D'alessandro / Getty Images



In case you're not an Amy Adams stan, she has been working hard in Hollywood for nearly 20 years.

DreamWorks Pictures / Via

Many of us fell in love with her while wearing out our VHS copies of Drop Dead Gorgeous.

New Line Cinema / Via

Go Muskies!

And pretty much ALL of us have enjoyed at least one of her TV appearances.

NBC / Via

The Office, Buffy, Smallville, Charmed, That '70s Show, and The West Wing TO NAME A FEW.

She made us laugh in Talladega Nights...

Columbia Pictures / Via


...and stole our hearts in Enchanted.

Disney / Via

After that, she just kept KNOCKING IT OUT OF THE PARK with her award-winning performances.

Francois Duhamel, Columbia Pictures / Via

She just hasn't won THE award.

Unfortunately, it doesn't sound like this will be her year, either.

NBCUniversal Television Distribution / Via

While all of the upcoming potential contenders look amazing, she is not featured in any of them.

But she's currently filming Backseat, in which she'll portray Lynne Cheney.

Frazer Harrison / Getty Images, Pool / Getty Images

A movie about Dick Cheney doesn't sound appealing, tbh, but it's being directed by Adam McKay, who DID win "Best Adapted Screenplay" for The Big Short.

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She's also about to start filming Disenchanted, the Enchanted sequel we've been waiting a DECADE for.

Disney / Via


But this just means we'll have to wait ANOTHER YEAR for even the POSSIBILITY of her winning.

Columbia Pictures / Via

So, start getting those juicy memes ready, Internet...

Vittorio Zunino Celotto / Getty Images

...because Amy Adams' time IS COMING.

Jason Merritt / Getty Images

Thank you for your consideration.

Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences / Via

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