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21 People Who Deserve To Have A Way Better 2018

2017 has been a tough year for us all.

1. The guy who got stuck in the women's bathroom.

2. The girl with who ended up with a very obvious reminder of her mistake.

3. The guy whose head did this.

Twitter: @CadeHuckabay

4. The Tinder couple who presumably unmatched immediately after this discovery.


5. The ex whose search history revealed he had some regrets.

6. The girl whose leg completely gave out during a competition.

7. The happy camper who was about to make everyone else a lot less happy.

8. The student who fucked up pretty monumentally.


9. Brian, the ghost.

10. The friend who committed a little too much to dancing.

Twitter: @lovelypay

11. The person who was sent a necklace that wasn't quite what they ordered.

12. The student who wasn't great at timekeeping.


13. The person on this date.

14. Jessica, who slightly misunderstood the situation.

15. The mum who may have been cursed by her own daughter.

16. The cat owner who fell during a rescue mission.


17. This unfortunate patient.

18. The mum who innocently confused this bag with a dog.

19. The unfortunate person who had their ice cream cruelly stolen.

20. The individual who ended up in this situation.

21. And Emily.

Who is possibly the most relatable of them all.

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