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24 Reasons Drunk People Are The Best People On Planet Earth

At least until the AM.

1. They're innovators:

Twitter: @Nudah

2. They always have a way to spice things up:

3. They're considerate:

Twitter: @teqaylabaadte

4. They have the best arguments:

Twitter: @spasepeople


5. They're willing to explore uncharted territory:

6. They always save a little bit for later:

7. They are culinary geniuses:

8. They write sweet nothings to themselves:

Twitter: @Tarryntino


9. They send the cutest texts:

10. They enjoy a nice ride:

11. They make the best purchases:

12. They'll always let you know they're safe:

Twitter: @daizy1999


13. They love to be comfy:

14. They like to make things a little challenging:

15. They have a way with words:

Twitter: @MWigs_17

16. They focus on the important things:

Twitter: @alanadelgoddess


17. They're great with numbers:

18. They have a true love of education:

19. They're crafty as all hell:

Twitter: @friendofgay

20. They really care about themselves:

Twitter: @kathhgrace


21. They can be a BIT careless:

22. They've got this whole "app" thing down to a T:

Twitter: @aaleynanurr

23. They appreciate a good joke:

24. And, finally, they don't take any of Jill's BS:



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