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21 Photos That Hilariously Sum Up Being Broke In Your Twenties

Can I go back to college, where I wasn't expected to have any money?

1. Same.

Twitter: @shutupmikeginn

2. Budgets are eye-opening.

Twitter: @sincerelytumblr

3. Please?

4. *laughs* *sobs*

Twitter: @mrlawson


Twitter: @freddyamazin

6. Dat me.

7. Jesus, or literally anyone else, take the wheel.

8. Maybe they won't notice.

9. At least I have Ramen tho.

Twitter: @internethippo

10. *goes to grocery store* *just uses Coinstar and then leaves*

Twitter: @dulcetry

11. Remember when it was cute to be broke?

Twitter: @home_halfway

12. Yep.

Facebook: sorelatable

13. Thank goodness for bootleg products, tbh.

Twitter: @shutupmikeginn

14. *makes "I dunno" sound*

Twitter: @pakalupapito

15. Looks familiar.

Twitter: @sophiamaws

16. Bye, subscriptions.

Twitter: @relatabledad

17. Honestly same.

18. Every time.

Twitter: @freddyamazin


Twitter: @jonwayne

20. I'd download that.

Twitter: @shutupmikeginn

21. At least I learned stuff.

Twitter: @internethippo
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