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  • Facebook To Launch New Apps

    After revealing the fourth quarter earnings, Facebook’s reports show the increase in revenue which comes majorly from mobile advertising and other likewise features and activities.53% of the revenue was earned from mobile advertising which is 4% over last quarter. During the announcement of the Q4 earnings, Facebook also told a noteworthy advancement.

  • The Dove Real Beauty Sketches

    FMCG or Fast Moving Consumer Goods companies face a tough time tackling the competition. The competition in the industry is fierce. Hence, they need to try something different to give themselves an edge over their competitors. Dove, the women care product planned to do something like this, which garnered them hordes of traffic and followers quickly and effectively.

  • The Absolut Unique Access

    One of the biggest player in this respect is WhatsApp, a mobile application that has left every other app behind with more than millions of downloads the app has become a sensation. It allows a user to share pictures, audios and videos other than sending the usual texts when connected to an internet providing service.

  • McDonald’s Campaign For Sochi Olympics

    An event, as popular and as dominant as the Olympic Games, also needs a proper marketing strategy that will help it in becoming a better experience than before. The 38 year long relationship between McDonald’s and Olympics has always been valuable for both the parties. This time, McDonald’s has launched a social media campaign for the Sochi 2014 Olympic Winter Games.

  • Dumb Ways To Die- The Melbourne Metro Campaign

    The campaign we are talking about here refers to the one which was launched by the Melbourne Metro on Youtube. The video uploaded on their Youtube channel, it had more than 50,000,000 and a lot of sharing. The video went live in November 2012. It was an animated video showcasing the ‘Dumb Ways To Die’ with a catchy song and used light humour to raise awareness of passenger safety.

  • Starbucks Mobile Payments

    All types of businesses require some amount of social media promotions and strategies that could help shape it in the best possible cast. One of the premier brands of today, Starbucks has used the all new concept of mobile marketing to its full potential and have moved ahead to become the pioneers of using mobile apps, specially made to cater to their unique user base

  • End 7 Neglected Tropical Diseases By 2020

    END7 is also one such organisation working throughout the world to combat the seven most deadly tropical diseases which have been neglected till now. These diseases have been neglected always until now and have proved to be fatal for many as well. The seven diseases which include Hookworm, trachoma, elephantiasis, snail fever, roundworm, river blindness and whip worm have affected 1 in 6 people worldwide, including over half a billion children.

  • Taco Bell Snapchat Campaign

    For sometime now Snapchat has been referred as the most upcoming platform that can be used as the most appropriate source to carry out brand campaigns and brand promotions. As hyped as it is, the social media app now has some of the most famous brands using it to market/launch their products and services to their fans who are a fan of theirs on Snapchat.

  • How I Met Your Mother

    When How I Met Your Mother premiered on CBS TV network on Sept 19, 2005, it had some pretty big shoes to fill. The network had telecasted the series finale of one of their most loved comedy show, Everybody Loves Raymond in May that year, which became one of the most watched series finale of all times with 32.9 million viewers.

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