Nine-Year-Old's Cafeteria Food Blog Goes Viral

A Scottish 9 year old named Martha has just had a ban on her school cafeteria food blog "Never Seconds" lifted, after a Twitter firestorm. She was banned for taking pictures of her lunch -- after her blog drew attention to how much overpriced school cafeteria food can suck.

t0ph3r • 6 years ago

4chan Predicts Star Wars Blu-Ray Changes

George Lucas hates us. Some of the anons at 4chan give us a taste of what changes to expect when the Star Wars Trilogy is released on Blu-Ray.

DarthVader • 6 years ago

A Guide To Gingers

A convenient chart by Ben Douglass illustrating the taxonomy of red heads. Also convenient for the next ginger roundup. They will go to special camps where they can no longer hurt anyone.

Gavon Laessig • 7 years ago