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20 Awesome Stormtrooper Cosplays

I really do love them all, even though I think the Burger King Stormtrooper is a bit unrealistic. Then again, there probably was some kind of food court in the Death Star. At least in Death Star II, amirite?

  • 1. Pink Gentleman Trooper

    Pink Gentleman Trooper

    Pretty in pink

  • 2. Peace Trooper

    Peace Trooper

    The ultimate ironic trooper

  • 3. Zombie Trooper

    Zombie Trooper

    Left 4 Dead Space?

  • 4. Easter Bunny Trooper

    Easter Bunny Trooper

  • 5. Rockstar Trooper

    Rockstar Trooper

  • 6. Mario Trooper

    Mario Trooper

    Pumps your Jedi and Kills your toilet.

  • 7. Hip-Hop Trooper

    Hip-Hop Trooper

    This IS the mix-tape you're looking for.

  • 8. Troll Trooper

    Troll Trooper

    Take at the Montreal Comic Con 2011 by Geeks Are Sexy -- see a bunch more images at the link.

  • 9. American Red Cross Stormtrooper

    American Red Cross Stormtrooper

    Shooting you and bringing your ass to the hospital 2 seconds later.

  • 10. Burger King Trooper

    Burger King Trooper

  • 11. Three Musketeer Troopers

    Three Musketeer Troopers

  • 12. Santa Trooper

    Santa Trooper

  • 13. Spider-Stormie


  • 14. Sherlock Holmes and Pancho Villa Stormtrooper

    Sherlock Holmes and Pancho Villa Stormtrooper

  • 15. Elvis Trooper

    Elvis Trooper

  • 16. Batman Trooper Kid

    Batman Trooper Kid

    Cuteness + Geekiness Overload!

  • 17. Borat Trooper

    Borat Trooper

  • 18. Couple Trooper

    Couple Trooper

    Have you ever wondered why is there no female stormtroopers? Well here you go.

  • 19. Family Man Trooper

    Family Man Trooper

    2 years later...

  • 20. Disco Trooper

    Disco Trooper