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Meet The Roster Of Pups Playing In Puppy Bowl IX

Apparently there's some football thing happening on the same day, but really — who needs 49ers or Ravens when you've got Yorkies and dachshunds?

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Chestnut, 9 weeks old

Chestnut, a flexible athlete, is a labrador retriever/Australian shepherd mix known for being able to move between offense and defense with little trouble.


Daisy, 12 weeks old

Daisy has been making her way around the party circuit recently, so keen sports fans will be looking to see if this Yorkshire terrier can rein in her wild side and focus on playing her best on the field.


Jenny, 13 weeks old

This pit bull/hound mix is unafraid to speak her mind, a trait that has given her the reputation of being a loose cannon. We'll need to watch to see if she can keep her energy directed toward the task at hand next Sunday.

Koda, 4 months old

Catahoula/Boston terrier mix Koda retired a few seasons ago but at the ripe old age of 4 months has decided to return to the action for one last shot at glory.


Marta, age unknown

Because this schnauzer/beagle mix prefers not to reveal her age, she's a bit of a wild card. Everyone will be looking for some early signs to indicate how she might perform.

Nala, 8 weeks old

One of the youngest competitors, Japanese chin Nala will be hoping to prove that just because she lacks experience on the big stage doesn't mean she can't produce some major results.

Shadow, 9 weeks old

Though usually soft-spoken, this Catahoula/labrador retriever mix has been adamant in recent interviews that he believes this Puppy Bowl is his time to shine.

Simba, 8 weeks old

Good friends with Nala, this Japanese chin is hoping that his youthful appearance will lull other players into thinking he isn't a threat, giving him the opportunity to pounce.

Trinka, 10 weeks old

An experienced schnauzer/beagle mix, Trinka is used to the daily grind of life as a pro athlete and is always excited to see what city she will travel to next.

Tuck, 10 weeks old

Tuck has been hounded by paparazzi following his recent well-documented fling with Daisy. This German shepherd/pit mix will need to regain his composure if he wants to have an impact on the field.

Puppy Bowl IX airs Sunday, Feb. 3, at 3 p.m. E/P on Animal Planet.

To learn even more about this year's talented lineup of pups, check out photos, videos, and more from Animal Planet.

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